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Hitting That Big Old Wall

How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Stopping


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I always do the milestone one. Just make it to the end of the fence, the end of the side walk, the light pole, the next light pole, the tree, that car. It really helps and then when you are actually almost done that really is a good motivator. "You're almost there don't quit now" or "you're more than halfway there". Report
Yipes, But a New House?
When I did my first full marathon I hit the wall hard at mile 19. I had to keep telling myself to remember relentless forward progress - no matter how slow. The feeling of crossing the finish line made up for it. A marathon really is a 10K with a 20 mile warmup LOL. Report
Thanks for the message today, It was talking straight to me! Report
Great article. Report
Two years ago I did a marathon after not running or competing for a number of years. I hit the wall, but I kept hearing the voice of Dory in "Finding Nemo," "just keep swimming, swimming..." over and over. Report
This is exactly what I needed because I'm at that wall now! This is the encouragment I need to get back on track!!!!! Report
Absolutely love this article. Thanks for the great endurance tips! Report
This article could not have been timed better. I ran my longest run today ever, 14 miles, and there were numerous times that I waned to hist stop on the treadmill and just throw in the towel. Thank you for reminding me that I am stronger than I believe and giving strategies to help me get over the wall, Report
Thanks, I just needed to read that today. It really helped me keep going. Report
Frankly I think overriding your body when you are driving it too hard and its begging for rest, is terrible for your adrenals as well as your entire body.

Guess that's why I don't run marathons!
: )
Best Part

Finish Line Pose.... Getting stronger sound track playing in my head.

I definitely know what you're talking about - everyone who has run a long race can pinpoint exactly when they hit the wall. For me it was at mile 18 during the Philly marathon. I kept going because I was running with a friend and didn't want to hold her back, so that's another good way to motivate yourself - be accountable to someone else. Report
Good topic. I love its emphasis on running! Report
This is my first comment on any article. I've been working on diet/exercise since Jan. and losing ground lately. It was the perfect info at the right time. THANK YOU! Report

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