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Hitting That Big Old Wall

How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Stopping


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Thank you for the information Report
Great advice, thank you! Report
Loved it Report
Good article Report
Great, Thanks! Report
"The Wall" is a psychological barrier, a myth created by those who gave up! Report
Oh my gosh. This how I am getting to retirement. I'm basically doing everything she suggests. Haha! It will be a few more years. Report
Thank You Report
Just what I needed! Report
I used the "just do it" suggestion today. Hubby didn't have time to walk after lunch. But I went by myself after dinner. It wasn't far or fast, but at least it was movement!! Report
This is probably my favourite article on this site. Giving yourself permission to quit is sometimes what you need to keep going. It seems counter intuitive, but when the road seems endless, reminding yourself that you can step off is powerful and helps you feel more in control. Report
I enjoyed the article. thanks for posting.
I did a 1/2 marathon in 2014 in 3 hours 54 minutes. I got in just under 4 hours which was my goal because I didn't start training for it until a few months before. Let me tell you, where it was really tough the 1st 10 miles, I felt really good about myself. But when I got to mile 11, I had to tell myself, its only a 5K from here, I can do it. Then, the last mile came into view, and I got my extra wind. I was so happy to have done that run - even if it was at a runners walking pace.
Afterward I told myself I wanted to jog my next one but it wasn't going to be 2015... I knew I wanted a break from it... so I vowed to myself that I will do it again and probably in 2016. That's this year, and I'm so excited to get in shape for it. I am psyching myself up for it, staying motivated to work out. Reading this article is helpful to recall upon when I don't want to work out - like in the cold today...
Thanks!!!! Report
If a person has TRULY "hit a wall" it means your body has run out of fuel. And you need to STOP! Not try to carry on and push themselves.
It is difficult to do unless you are in training or an endurance athlete. Report
Just make sure you are *healthy* first. Listening to your body isn't a bad idea. People can die doing marathons too. I thought the "push through the pain" thing was pretty much obsolete by now. Report
I always do the milestone one. Just make it to the end of the fence, the end of the side walk, the light pole, the next light pole, the tree, that car. It really helps and then when you are actually almost done that really is a good motivator. "You're almost there don't quit now" or "you're more than halfway there". Report

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