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The Truth about Hypoallergenic Dogs and Cats

The Best Animals for People with Allergies


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I grew up with two dogs. I was always allergic to cats though. I always had to pop an allergy pill before I could go to anyone's house that happened to have a cat there. Even walking into their house would cause my eyes to water and my nose to stuff up. And lots of sneezing.

A couple years ago I decided to adopt a cat because they were easier than a dog to take care of. I got her as an emotional support animal. I was still allergic but really liked cats and wanted to give it a go. For three whole weeks I was miserable with itchy nose and mouth, watering eyes, lots of nose blowing and sneezing. After the three weeks though I became tolerant of cats. I haven't had a problem since then which is great since I don't have to take allergy pills around them at all. I used to have to wash my hands every time I petted a cat and now I know it wont bother me. Very happy now. :) Report
I grew up with cats as a dog. Before I moved out I had my own cat. It's been decades of having one or 2 cats.

But I've now developed allergies, but in NO WAY would I ever get rid of her. Purrs, ,, sweet!! It's worth the icks!! Report
Thanks! Report
I am grateful every day that I am not allergic to cats. I cannot imagine life without my 3 Siamese. Report
Good article. We have a poodle mix and it does help. Report
Great info Report
thanks Report
When I first saw this article, I was scared, but it turned out to be pretty good. I am an animal lover and I don't have allergies, which is a good thing since I have a dog, cat, bird and fish. This article gave me information that I was not aware of.

Thank you for a wonderful article. I hope this leads to more people finding wonderful friends at their local shelter. Report
I have a lot of allergies and our house rabbits didn't cause a bit of a problem. I did leave their hay in the garage and that worked fine.
"good news" is that rabbits even though they are the cutest looking animals they actually hate to be held and petted.

We also adopted a Samoyed and I had no trouble with my allergies with her. Report
I have lots of allergies and was fine w/bunnies. Kept their hay in the garage. And we adopted a sweet dog who was a Samoyed & no allergies at all.
We fostered her at first to be sure I wasn't allergic. Report
So true about a pet being kept in the home right from when children are babies. My Mom is a dog lover and always had a dog in the house. I developed severe allergies and eczema, but was never allergic to dogs. Report
"So just because you're allergic to one cat (or even many cats) doesn't mean you'll be allergic to all of them. The same is true for dogs. This means that even with severe pet allergies, you could still encounter a pet that doesn't give you an allergic reaction at all."

I'm so glad this article says this! I volunteer at an animal shelter and when people ask for something hypoallergenic, this is what we tell them. It's sometimes met with skepticism. But it really is true -- we also suggest that people with allergies consider short-term fostering (usually fostering a dog or a cat that's post spay/neuter so it can recover in a quieter environment) to see how they react to the animal. If there's no allergy problem, the foster can officially adopt. If there IS an allergy problem, the pet was going to go back to the shelter anyhow, so there's no guilt about "returning" the animal. Report

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