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8 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

Plus 5 Healthy Foods Your Cat Will Love


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Great info for me since I have 4 cats. I only knew about some of the items on the list of don'ts. Report
Wow, I never knew about milk! My friend gives her cat milk almost every day! (My cat only eats one brand of dry cat food - that's it! She won't touch anything else.) I will share this article with my friend; thank you! Report
Thanks, great info! Report
Good information for cat owners including me. Report
i would have thought that coffee and tea would have been on the list as well (I don't think they would imbibe but if some got spilt on the floor or if they got into something)? Report
Great article! I knew about some of those foods, but not the reasons. I did not know about canned tuna at all. Thanks! Report

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