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Exercise Ideas for Indoor Cats

Feline Fitness Boosts Emotional and Physical Well-Being


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We have 2 cats the same age, 2 years old. The male weighs 11 lb. and te female almost 16 lb. They have both been 'fixed'. I am at a loss how to cut down the food for one while letting the other have free range. Report
We put some of the food in a treat toy. They have to push it around to get the food out. Our vet suggested this when one of our older cats weighed in a little heavy. Report
The cat I had as a child (a tom that lived to be 18) used to bat and chase one of my marbles for exercise, This was OK until he discovered the knotty pine in the rumpus room under my parent's bedroom - particularity noisy when hit by a marble!! Report
Unfortunately I had to put down my cat this year. She was a just a couple months shy of 16 years, but I use to play so called tag with her. Just kind of play chase her around the house, if she went upstairs I wouldn't follow and she'd come back down peek around the corner and give me a "Hey, where'd you go?" look. As far as laser pointers she never paid any attention to them. Report
I have two cats. One is old and not up to much at all, but the other one loves to walk on the treadmill. As soon as she hears the beep when we hit "stop", she jumps on and wants to walk. Her best time so far is 7 minutes. Give it a try! Report
Every night, I put all of the catnip mice in a basket and every morning I wake up with a trail of mice leading from the basket to my bed, with a cluster around the foot of my bed. My Pancake is such a good "hunter." ;) Report
My cat loves laser pointers. I tried a leash once. She freaked out and almost gave herself a concussion from trying to hide under my car. She used to play with catnip mice but those had to go up because they were choking hazards to the dogs. Report
Our cats are generally fairly active and we do play with them. We have 2 black toms and the younger one will sometimes get bored and take this toy we have ( a feather on a string with a stick) in his mouth and then he will run around and make the black tom chase him!! Too funny. Report
I really wish I could figure out our cat. She doesn't seem to like heights and doesn't climb much. I can't even find her during the day. She will occasionally chase the dog around the house. She actually torments the poor dog, who is twice her size yet seems intimidated by the bird who is about the same size as her. At least we have found that she likes to play with the laser just before we go to bed. Cats are complicated! LOL! Report

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