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Myths about Depression

6 Misunderstandings about Depression and its Treatments


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Switching to a whole foods plant based diet made a massive improvement in my depression. I still had to, and have to, work at it (cognitive behavioral techniques) but cleaning up my diet made a major dent in the problem. Report
I was clinically depressed for years, and it definitely contributed to the break-up of my first marriage. I was on and off antidepressants for years, then asked to see a psychiatrist, who evaluated me over a 3-week trial and agreed to work with me, following a 6-week programme of cognitive behavioral therapy. I worked really hard, both when I was with her and doing my "homework".

I only wish I'd found this help earlier. I am happier and more productive than I have ever been. I will be on antidepressants for the rest of my life, and that's fine with me. Report
Excellent information. Report
Excellent information. Report
depression is a tiger that will eat everything if you let it. I loose it on people who tell me to "just snap out of it". Report
The one that bothers me to most is when someone says, "Just snap out of it. There's no need for you to be that way." Do they not know that if someone could just "snap out of it" and everything be fine they would? Report
Great article! Report
I you think you are suffering from depression be sure to seek professional help. Its really not worthwhile to attempt any sort of self diagnosis. Report
I hear so many people use the term 'depressed' when they have no idea what depression really means.
Stress is not depression but certain kinds of stress can probably lead to it. Being upset becuase of some minor detail that will right itself in a few days is not depression. If you feel that you are depressed i.e. in a situation where you feel like there is no hope then it is important to see a doctor. Report
The article raises good points. But always seek professional help. Report
Even kids can have clinical depression. If something seems off, don't let it slide. Report
good points Report
It is helpful to read something encouraging about this when so much negativity surrounds it, which seems silly being that negativity is a huge stressor to this condition. Report
Thank you for the article. Report
I think that a lot of the stigma of being depressed has disappeared and people are more open to talking about it. Maybe this is just my experience though since I’m willing to talk about mine and people then will open up to me about their depression. Report

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