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Myths about Depression

6 Misunderstandings about Depression and its Treatments


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The article raises good points. But always seek professional help. Report
Even kids can have clinical depression. If something seems off, don't let it slide. Report
good points Report
It is helpful to read something encouraging about this when so much negativity surrounds it, which seems silly being that negativity is a huge stressor to this condition. Report
Thank you for the article. Report
I think that a lot of the stigma of being depressed has disappeared and people are more open to talking about it. Maybe this is just my experience though since I’m willing to talk about mine and people then will open up to me about their depression. Report
Thank you for the information. Report
This article goes to show that depression may be the most grossly misunderstood condition i our society and is often a convenient scapegoat for other less easily recognized or more easily ignored conditions. Report
I just want to say, even if you *think* you have depression, it doesn't hurt to get checked out. I thought I had depression and it turned out to be something bigger with depression as a symptom. After many rounds of medications and 2 years of therapy, I am finally a very happy, healthy person...and I know for a fact that I wouldn't be if I didn't get help. It never hurts to double check if you're not sure. Also, it does NOT make you bad, weak, or "abnormal." Our lives today are so fast paced & demanding that it is very easy to develop depression, and more people have it than you might think. Report
As someone who has suffered from a serious clinical depression in the past being told by someone who has 'gotten religion' that my disease did not exist is insulting. Mild and even moderate depression will often resolve itself over time. Serious clinical depression is another matter. If I had not gotten help, I may not be here typing this response to you. No two people are the same and there is a huge sliding scale of depression. I don't want a depressed person to read your post and not seek help. That could be very dangerous indeed. Report

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