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Alternative Remedies for Heartburn

Supplements That Can Help Relieve GERD


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Thank you for the tips! Report
Since I suffer from acid reflux, this was a very helpful article. Thank you. Report
learn your triggers...good one Report
I also have found that eating healthy and losing weight makes my GERD almost non-existent. Honestly not sure whether it is the healthier eating (i.e. much less sugar) or the weight loss that causes it. Report
Losing weight and eating healthier has made my GERD almost nonexistent. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Thank you for the information! It is very helpful. Report
Great i!nfo! Thank you! Report
Back to the basics SparkFriends, instead of reaching for the drugs. Report
I found that when I mindfully ate more slowly, and sipped water after every few bites, my acid reflux almost disappeared. I no longer take antacids. Report

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