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The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

How Animals Boost Health & Happiness


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I'm home sick today and my 2 year old rescue, Trixie, has been by my side the whole day. Usually when I'm just being lazy at home, she'll start giving me hints that it's time for a walk. When I'm sick, it seems as tough she knows it isn't the same, and she doesn't do any of the cues that she wants to go out. I may be reading in to her behaviour, but even so, she is a comfort to me.
Thank you. Report
We have 3 cats and 1 dog. The dog greets me every time with a wag of the tail and unconditional love, she is my constant companion when I am home and picks up on my moods. My Maine Coon baby just crawled up in my arms and snuggled under my chin with a purr. This is not something she frequently does so it it is precious when she does. These moments bring me joy. Report
We have cats, canaries and fish- all of which play a role in our well-being. The cats provide good company and lots of love, and the fish relaxation... there is nothing better than the happy purr of the cats to ease stress and elevate mood... and the canary song provides a great and happy start to any day!!! Report
My partner and I have a dog and a cat. Our cat was a stray and I am not sure where our dog came from.
But they both provide a lot of love and compassion for the whole family. Report
Walking with my 4-legged fur baby a Borador (Lab/Border Collie) reminds me to be thankful as she romps, delighting over each and everything along the way. Her pure joy lifts me from myself and everyday modern life. Her happiness is contagious. Report
This article is so true! We just lost our 15 year old dog and miss him very much. We found him at an animal shelter and never knew exactly what combination of breeds he was, but he was perfect for us!
In those 15 years he helped me garden, went for walks, snowshoe hikes and skiing with us. He let our grandchildren cuddle him and he chased bears away. He watched over us and we took care of him. When we acquired kittens, he let them climb up his long legs and was there friend from the start. What a dog!! Report
I don't know what I'd do without mine. I grew up with dogs, but have been owned by at least 1 cat since I graduated from college, almost 30 years ago. (I now have 3!) No human children, just furry ones. My "kids" have saved me thousands of dollars that would probably have been spent on therapy over the years. There's just something about being around them that is so soothing and calming, not to mention they are tremendously entertaining!

Thank you, SP, for this great article! Report
Years ago, one of my friends told me that her neighbor's black lab would "sense" when she was in a low blood sugar phase (she's diabetic), and would bark and wake her up. She was just convinced it sensed when she was in trouble, because when her blood sugars were normal and she was just asleep, he didn't bark. She lived in a tiny trailer and really couldn't afford dog food so that's why she didn't have a dog or cat of her own. But she had her own love for the neighbor's big dog!! Report
When my husband finally made good on his promise of getting me a dog, he had no idea of how it would benefit him too. I of course loved her from the start, such a sweet face, sweet disposition, and lovable little white ball of fur.

My husband grew to love her but they became even closer when he was out of work for 4 months due to surgery on both ankles. He told me that she kept him going, and kept him sane and in good spirits, just by being there.

Although she sleeps in her crate, or her "room" as we call it, at night, when my husbands sleeps during the day,( he works nights) she is on a blanket beside the bed, that way she isn't alone and cooped up.

Recently I had a mild Heart Attack and was in the Hospital for a few days, as I was being treated in the E room, I made sure my husband went home to take care of the dog, and made sure he fed her and took her out before coming back to the Hospital later that evening. ( I had to be transferred to another local hospital that night and had called him to let him know. He wanted to come right away but I told him to feed and take her out. I was in good hands but she needed him to care for her needs BEFORE coming to see me)

The few days I was in the Hospital he missed me and he told me that the dog would see him come in and she'd look for me. When I did come home I got jumped on,( not bad because she is a small 20lb dog, and I was followed,( like glue), for several days.

She is our furry baby, and at almost 11 years old she was the best gift my husband ever gave me. (She was a Valentine's day gift back in 2005) Report

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