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The Top 20 Antioxidant-Packed Foods

How Many of These Healthy Powerhouses Are You Eating?


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I love Greek yogurt and berries and eat it almost every day Report
Surprising! Report
Russet potatoes? Who knew? Report
While I can certainly do the fruits, vegetables, and nuts, I can't eat the beans or potatoes due to some wacky digestive sensitivities... Report
Thank you so much for writing an article that is so helpful. Report
Wonderful blog .... I definitely got my antioxidants in today!! Report
Great list! Thank you! Report
Thank you for the list of foods and recipes. Report
Thank you, this list helped me a lot. Report
Love the article and the recipes although I love the blueberries by themselves best of all these foods. Report
Berries, cherries, plums oh my!!! All my favourites! Had no idea I was making such great choices :) Report
As this article is almost five years old, is there any update? Report
I enjoy all of these Report
Go for all on list except artichoke. Theres just something about the way that thing looks that just holds me back. One day I may be brave....maybe? Report
They still don’t know how much is enough for any one person, and they do not cure disease. Report

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