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8 Bad Habits That Make You Ugly

Behaviors and Mind Sets to Stop Right Now


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My worst of these is probably the defensiveness, at least around certain people; also negativity & apathy occasionally. Gonna focus on positivity first and attitude of gratitude (vs. apathy) because I have worked on them in the past, then will add my worst one. Report
never had to worry about wanting to smoke, socially or otherwise Report
good info and yes there are some that I don't do but it is still good info Report
Thank you Report
I used to smoke, but my job on the 4th floor helped me to quit. Report
NOT EVERYONE has a cell phone !! Some of us neither need nor want one

I feel my son suffers especially from last 4 and I wish I could help but if I give him this to read, he probably won't read it. He was in foster care 5 years before I adopted him. I get so frustrated that I also become negative. Good article and need to pray more. Report
So true! Report
There's definitely truth in this article. I'm kind of intrigued on where the idea came from Report
Very good advice, thanks! Report
Good advice! Report
This makes so much sense! Report
There are some great points in this article. Report
Thats such a useful article- I find negativity really stops me achieving in all walks of my life Report
Makes great sense! Report

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