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Get a Good Night's Sleep with GERD

How to Sleep Better with Heartburn


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I used a wedge pillow for a time before putting the head of the bed on blocks. That helped but now I have an adjustable bed. I would like to raise it even higher but that makes it uncomfortable for my husband. I am able to get it up enough that with prescription meds and care in what I eat, I do quite well most of the time. Such relief! Report
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Consider sleep apnea as the culprit, especially if you are over weight. Check with a doctor about the possibility and see if he recommends a sleep study.

20+ years ago I was awakened a couple of times a night with acid reflux. Had a sleep study. got a CPAP machine, and things have been fine since then.

I did a quick read of this article but didn't notice this possibility listed. If I overlooked it, my apologies to the author and the readers. Report
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I had to start eating my final meal of the day no later than 6pm, if not, my food doesnt digest before bed and I wake up around 2 am with such awful heartburn.
i also try to get in a mini workout after dinner, a walk or just staying upright and moving around for an hour after I eat seems to help.
I had to give up peanut butter after lunchtime, I cant digest it later in the day.
Keeping gum, ginger ale and gaviscon on hand has come in handy for me. Report
I like the idea of using the wedged pillow. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Good information Report
Good information Report
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Very nice and informative post. Thanks for sharing. Report
good points. will look into the wedge. Report
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