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10 Perfect Protein Powder Recipes

It's Not Just for Shakes Anymore!


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These Protein Recipes sound great not only for me but I will make them for my husband who is on dialysis and needs all the protein he can get.
Thank You for the wonderful ideas. Report
Anyone else having trouble getting to the actual recipes? When I click on the link, nothing happens. Report
For those looking for a protein powder without a lot of carbs and sugar. I've seen one called "about time" that has little to no carbs and a lot of protein. I tried it some time ago and I liked it. But, its more expensive now than it was back then.. Report
Thank you for writing this! I'm a vegetarian, so I'm definitely going to be checking out these recipes. Report
I have never tried a protein powder...If you use it please let me know how you like it, are they chalky, expensive, name and where I might be able to buy it. Thanks and yes they all do look yummy. Report
I cannot wait to try some of these recipes. Look yummy and healthy!! Report
These all sound too yummy! Report
I have a competitive swimmer in the house and at the end of his workouts he needs to get a boost of protein within 30 mins. These handy snack (well the easy grab ones) will be perfect. Report
Yes, please---I would like to know the diabetic friendly protein powder also. Thanks! Report
To JennHackett

Could you tell me the name of your protein powder that is diabetic friendly? Report
Thank you, Melinda! Always looking for new ways to use my protein powder! Report
I've made the Peanut Butter Fudge bar - it is good - not too sweet, but rather sticky because of the honey. Does not hold up well in warm conditions as it just gets stickier - but it is good.. Report
I have a wonderful protein powder that is diabetic friendly, gluten free and has added vitamins, minerals and pre-biotics and I will be using these recipes along with the ones they have. Looking forward to trying these! Thanks!! Report
@ Sehhoward - I am diabetic, and most of my life I've NOT gotten enough protein on a daily basis. When I look at all those recipe examples above what I see is mostly carb options boosted with some protein powder, it's not an all protein diet void of all carbs (which I agree would not be good).

In my past my meals would be mostly carbs (ex. large plate of pasta & sauce with little meat or vegetables), and the result of that lifestyle has given me diabetes. This article is very helpful for me in helping me find new ways of still enjoying the carbs I love (and would miss dearly if I had to give them up cold turkey) and also boosting and getting much needed protein into my diet.

What I am finding so helpful in general about this site (incl this article) and their meal planning features is that they encourage you to eat a large variety of foods each day, so that we can attempt to optimize the ratio of carbs/protein so that we are in fact eating a balanced diet. Report
I continue to be concerned about the "push"for protein powder. The potential effects on the kidneys can be serious. For those with weight issues who are diabetic or hypertensive, I am hopeful that somewhere you are advising folks to consult with their physicians. In our medical practice, we discourage it in many select patients. Report

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