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10 Perfect Protein Powder Recipes

It's Not Just for Shakes Anymore!


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Very helpful. Thank you! Report
It’s not just for smoothies anymore, SparkFriends. If you don’t tell them, you can make your whole family healthy, one step at a time. Report
Excellent selection to choose from...Thx! Report
this is great Report
I have to be careful with plant proteins. Most of them are made from beans and grains, to which I am allergic. I stick with unsweetened egg, whey, and beef-based protein powders. Each blends well in smoothies, yogurt, and baked recipes. Report
Somebody mentioned that a lot of protein powders have added sugar. I’ve seen quite a few vegan ones that use stevia (which I hate) so they probably are not loaded with sugar.

But Lifetime has a Life’s Basics line including unsweetened vanilla Plant Protein that has no sweetener added at all. One scoop (34 grams) is 130 calories, 21 grams protein, 8 grams total carbs including 1 gram fiber and 1 gram sugar. Ingredients are just pea protein, rice protein, hemp seed, chia seed, and vanilla. Amino acid profile of the blend is the same as for egg. Report
Great ideas for getting more protein with these recipes. Report
If I can get some nondairy yoghurt, of it’s made with certain nondairy mills (like almond milk) then it doesn’t have much protein. I just add some protein powder to boost it up to the protein level for dairy yoghurt. I do the same with nondairy pudding cups. One unsweetened vegan protein powder has chia seeds in it (together with hemp seeds, pea protein, and rice protein plus some vanilla) and can actually make a pretty good pudding itself. The chia thickens it up well. Report
Great ideas. Report
Thank you. Report
Great recipes. Thanks. Report
Thank you Report
Also, similar to using protein powder, can use dry milk in batters (if you have no personal lactose issues). Report
The other day when I was at Trader Joe's I saw pea/legume based protein powder & things made with them; also certain pastas (Bertolli, who's Italian owner made homophobic comments a few years ago) and others (my local Meijer's (regional superstore) has their own store brand). Report
I used to use whey protein powder, but I switched to almond flour or ground flax seed. They taste better and add fiber too. Report

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