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7 Ways to De-Stress

Try These Tips When You Feel Stressed


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This is a great article about a topic we all face. Report
Stress can do so much damage, it is worth trying to keep it under control. Report
Reading a good book or working on a favorite hobby are great stress relievers for me. The book takes focus away from the nasty issue while I travel to the world within the pages. The hobby lets me release my anger and tension in a creative manner. Report
Walking is a stressor for me. It hurts my back and I can't breath. Playing a video game helps to de-stress and watching my chickens or brushing my dog are also good de-stressors. Breaking off my relationship with my next door neighbor was the best get rid of stressors in my life. LOL Report
walking Report
Good article. Report
I don't stress eat. I go the opposite direction and don't eat. Been eating too much lately! Great article. Report
Need thisvtoday. Report
Good article! Report
Thanks for the tips! Report
Good tips. Thank you. Report
Today I put up boundaries Report
I took a blood test after being put in a stressful situation and my blood sugar was higher than normal for that time of the day. Report
Exercise has become my go to stress buster! Report
A good book is my favorite. Report

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