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7 Ways to De-Stress

Try These Tips When You Feel Stressed


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My main source of stress is 10 months old. Love him, but the near-constant whining and need for entertainment and attention drain me. There is no free time for board games, reading, or leisurely walks (he often ruins those too). I try to take a relaxing bath in the morning evening after putting him to bed and pray that he doesn’t wake during it. Report
Singing is my method of destressing! It is an amazing mood changer! Report
Great article! Report
I just love Scrabble. I also play word games on my mobile. Report
I am doing fine until the bills arrived, I have to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. when you have rented properties and not getting your rent. It puts me between a rock and a hard place. Report
I like playing board games with my husband on the weekends.
It's a nice time out and is fun. Report
Writing in my journal is my go-to! Report
Good article! Report
I am working on multiple ways to deal with stress. The gym helps a lot. Report
very good Report
Good suggestions Report
Finding what works for you is so important. Great article. Report
This is a great article about a topic we all face. Report
Stress can do so much damage, it is worth trying to keep it under control. Report
Reading a good book or working on a favorite hobby are great stress relievers for me. The book takes focus away from the nasty issue while I travel to the world within the pages. The hobby lets me release my anger and tension in a creative manner. Report

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