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7 Ways to De-Stress

Try These Tips When You Feel Stressed


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Some great ideas Report
All good ideas. I get lost in dancing around to my favorite tunes. Report
Meditating helps me a lot. Report
I use several of these suggestions already. Report
Reading, needle work and coloring are my stress reliever! Report
I love to read. Puts me in faraway places and makes me forget about everyday stresses. Report
A cup of herbal tea goes a long way for me. Report
To relieve stress I play games on my Kindle Fire. Report
Most of the suggestions I have done at one time or another but it is good to review. However, on the bath one. Some days, I have been one so much I was so wrinkled I needed to be ironed! Report
Don't forget meditation and deep breathing help too! Report
This article's photo is SO funny! Report
great tools Report
Liked the suggestions, especially that it wasn't a long list. Basic and simple. Report
Great suggestions! Report
...meant in the evening. These comment submissions need an edit option. Report

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