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Is Your Weight Giving You GERD?

The Links between Obesity and Heartburn


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Over weight is bad for our weight Because it causes caner, etc For that I personally suggest you morning walk is the best option But for danger situation Cocoona opens Day Surgical Center to keep Dubai ahead of global surgical trends is the second option for those people. Thanks..
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This is part of why I wish doctors weren't so skittish about telling people they need (for their health's sake!) to lose weight. Rather than going 'research has shown that being overweight might be making your problems worse' they just go 'here take some more pills'. Don't give me another prescription, be honest with me! Tell me 'you're 100 pounds overweight and would probably feel better if you tried to shed that weight'. Sure, I may get bent out of shape over it (how dare he call me fat!), but I think we need to stop being coddled, and stop having pills shoved in our faces. (Besides, pills are expensive!) Report
I do believe that weight can cause GERD because before I lost my 43 pounds, I had it a lot. I finally almost rid myself of it when I lost the weight and I am still working on losing weight. Also figuring the triggers, like spicy food or eating something like Pizza (Pep/Sausage) shortly before going to bed triggers it for me. By making small changes - they make large changes in your GERD situation. Like an engine heading into the red zone. You make quick adjustments and the gauge goes back out of the red zone. You ignore it, it just gets worse. One of those adjustments for me was losing weight. Report

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