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Low-Impact Exercises That Burn Major Calories

Easy-on-the-Joints Workouts That Really Deliver!


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My favorite exercise next to hiking, kettlebells. Great article. Report
Great information, thanks for sharing. Report
This article convinced me to buy a kettle bell. Report
Need to use all those muscles daily, even in small ways. Report
Good information. Thank you Report
Great information Report
Good information Report
Kickboxing is low impact??? Not the way I do it... Report
I prefer low impact exercises. Report
Excellent article, like the exercise suggestions! Report
lots of good information Report
Great low impact ideas! Report
I bought a kettleball! I haven't used it yet but I've got it! LOL! Report
I was pleasantly surprised as I read this article to find I have tried 10 of these suggestions already. Making a goal to try the remainder during the course of 2018. Report
The most important thing is to mix some slightly higher impact exercises and weights on land with the lower impact exercises of your choice. This will ensure bone strength which we all tend to lose as we age. Report

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