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Sleeping Soundly with Chronic Pain

7 Ways to Sleep Better Now


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thanks Report
Written 6 years ago, yet this has been very helpful as I recently had a fall resulting in a displaced disc and sciatica. Mucho pain. Comes and goes. I could go two days with a bearable amount of pain...and then WHAM...I wake up and my right leg is at 10 on the pain meter.

I must show this to my wife. She can help me remember when the pain gets extreme. Report
All of these things are useful up to the point that nothing works! What has helped me is a Theracane to o pressure massage myself, a yoga strap, and doing stretches in bed when the pain gets too much. I do all those other things, too, though. Report
so many nights I am fine until I lay down, then my knees hurt and other various places. do not understand what is going on. Report
I've had chronic pain since the mid-90s and now that I'm older and have a history of multiple fractures, arthritis and chronic bursitis have been added to my list. I've tried all of the suggestions may times and unfortunately, they don't work for me. They are great suggestions for others, tho. Report
Thank you.. Great article Report
Excellent read. Good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Great information Report
great informaton Report
I have trouble sleeping due to chronic pain, My body pillow and taking a hot bath help a bit. Report
I finally sleep better most of the time now that I have a bi-pap machine. I use it every night, sleep so much better. Found out my sleep apnea was severe that I need to machine to work with both inhaling and exhaling--hence bi-pap instead of C-pap. I put off being tested for several years, thinking there was no way I had sleep apnea,, boy was I wrong. So please don't hesitate to take to your regular Dr. they will know who you need to see and if you need a referral to see the specialist. Report
Wish someone would write an article like this who had a sleep issue and solved it, sharing their own experience. Report
thanks and do feel drowsy the next day after taking melatonin Report
Thank you for good suggestions. Report
I don't remember the last time I slept through the night! I'm another person who wakes up every couple of hours (if I'm lucky) all throughout the night. Pain is not for the weak! Thank you for sharing this article! Report

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