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Common Foods that Can Trigger Migraines

How Your Diet Can Cause a Headache


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Everything can cause migraines, so you have to find your trigger. Report
I never thought of using my food tracker to take notes. This will help track the delayed effects of eating particular foods, too. Report
I found this list very informative. Report
Thanks for the great information Report
Great article! Report
Tell me about migraines! Report
Great to know this! Report
great information Report
Thanks for the information. Report
These tips may be very helpful. Report
Good information to know Report
Great article. Report
The list of foods to avoid is too general and probably does not apply to any single person.

I used to suffer from throbbing migraines quite often.

It was caused by apples, or large amounts of chocolate.
Just apples and chocolate.
Because it took 24 hours or more, it took a long time to make the connection.

No apples.
No migraines.

I can guzzle down other food no problem, anything, even regular amounts of chocolate.

Just not apples
Oh my, even nuts! Gosh. Report

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