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Common Foods that Can Trigger Migraines

How Your Diet Can Cause a Headache


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Good information to know Report
Great article. Report
The list of foods to avoid is too general and probably does not apply to any single person.

I used to suffer from throbbing migraines quite often.

It was caused by apples, or large amounts of chocolate.
Just apples and chocolate.
Because it took 24 hours or more, it took a long time to make the connection.

No apples.
No migraines.

I can guzzle down other food no problem, anything, even regular amounts of chocolate.

Just not apples
Oh my, even nuts! Gosh. Report
I'm glad the worst headaches I've had were sinus headaches. They have faded as I got older. Report
Great blog. Report
Well, crap. All the foods I eat are on the "Foods to Avoid" list. I mean avocados? That's a daily staple for me! Report
Great article! Report
My daughter has problems with migraines. She is a cancer survivor. Brain cancer. She has been having problems with migraines for many years, even before she was diagnosed. Not sure of the cause. Report
I used to get frequent migraines and one of the meds, yrs. ago, that I took was a caffeine tablet with 2 other meds. so it can be a good thing as well. Report
This is good to know as I'm getting migraines a lot lately. Report
oops... bacon and sodium in general are definitely weaknesses for me. Sad face... Report
Thankfully, I don't get migraines, but this is good information to know! Report
Thank you very much from a migraine sufferer. I know caffeine and alcoholic beverages triggers mine, as significant changes in altitude. Report

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