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"I Stopped Medicating Myself with Food"

How AQUAGIRL08 Learned to Manage Her Chronic Pain with Diet and Exercise


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Very interesting article. Report
I am dealing with new pain.(On top of my old pain of back and knee pain and COPD) I'm thinking it may be fibromyalgia. No diagnosis yet. This article has helped me. I suspected that sugar was not good. Ice cream is the one thing I have to get out of my diet, I eat it every night as a treat. It is really hard to exercise, it hurts to move. I do have a recumbent bicycle and try to get in 10 minutes a day. I also have a Total Gymn. I really want to get in to using it. Once I get on the floor to use it I'm fine, it's just trying to get up off of the floor that I have a problem! lol Life really is funny! I don't want to take any more pills! I'm trying to wean myself off of opiods. In fact, I took an extra Morphine thinking it would help this new pain and it didn't (thank God!) Report
So very true. Emotional. Report
thank you for sharing your journey (or should I say "adventure"?) with us! Report
Food can either be the greatest medicine in the world or the slowest acting poison! Report
This really really help me out a lot 🌈 Report
Thanks Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
walking helps a bit. muscle needs oxygen to heal Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thank you for sharing your experiences & advice. It gives me hope that I can find exercises help me stay in shape even with chronic pain. I admire your persistence in the face of pain. Report
We must maintain our bodies to keep them functioning properly! Report
Great article good information Report

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