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Exercising with Fibromyalgia

The Best Exercises for People with Chronic Pain


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My version of FM was helped by yoga. The rhythms, stretching and doing only what I could do were freeing. My yoga instructor passed, I’m looking for another studio now. Report
My wife was permanently disabled by Fibromyalgia when we were married over 2 decades ago. Water-exercise through Silver Sneakers plan at the local "muscle bar" Gym pool has really helped her out for strength and flexibility. It did, as you mentioned, assist in lowering pain but not in any significant way.

Thanks for the article. I'm pinning it, tweeting it, saving as pdf. I don't do Facebook for obvious reasons. Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Informative article, good need-to-know information! Report
I've found my fibro has greatly improved as I've lost the weight. Likely because I now do regularly exercise. Is it something we catch? That was suggested back in the 90s and irs possible. Three of us hung around all the time. Within a short amount of time 2 of us were diagnosed and the other a few years later.

Two of us ended up in wheelchairs(car accident), but though I was told I'd not walk again, I do!! So does my friend who was the driver. The 3rd friend though "hates all exercise " and doesn't do anything.

Us 2 though, daily I aim for 6000 steps my friend does 10,000 steps.

Flare ups happen and when, as they do if I don't reach my 6000 steps that's ok.

Great article! Report
I have found for me that exercising in a pool has been very beneficial for my FMS Warm weather and a warm pool just helps me feel so much better. Water walking, water aerobics and water jogging are my go to exercises in the pool, along with some swimming. Report
I've had fibromyalgia for over 20 years. Back then, I've heard many unkind remarks about having fibro. The biggest one was fibro is not a real disease. Not much was known about it back then. Not a lot is known now but we have come a long way. My Dr. told me he could prescribe me any kind of pain medication I wanted, if I need it, I could have it...then he said "but the best form of medication for that powerful pain is exercise!!" I've come a long way with it Report
Good morning! thanks for sharing great article Report
Thank you for this great info! Report
Great information. Thanks Report
Thanks! Report
The problem for me is not exercising but afterwards, when my body totally cool down and I can barely move from the pain. Report
Great article. I have fibro also and have had total knee replacements in both knees making some exercises impossible. I' be been a couch potato for so long it is hard for me to get moving. Haven't found the SP fibromyalgia group. Will be joining them
I find it critical to listen to my body and stop when the sweat starts coming -- not something I'd normally do, but when the chronic crap is living at my house Report

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