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Exercising with Fibromyalgia

The Best Exercises for People with Chronic Pain


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I find it critical to listen to my body and stop when the sweat starts coming -- not something I'd normally do, but when the chronic crap is living at my house Report
Really appreciate the information, thanks. Report
Thank you Report
Here are some exercise routines that are being developed specifically for people with chronic pain, such as, fibromyaglia, adrenal fatigue, etc. - The routines have been developed by a fibromyalgia sufferer who is a fitness instructor. So far she has tons of positive feedback. Hope this helps! Report
Awesome job on this article! I've had CMS with Chronic Pain and Fatigue for over 20 years. I found a lot of useful information here! Thank you! Report
I read a few of the comments on here and like any disorder or disease I have found that Fibro affects each of us differently. Doctors are unsure what causes Fibro and are treating the symptoms to help us live a better life. Like the disorder/disease each doctor is different. I can only say that we all need to find the best treatment for ourselves. I have talked to people in wheel chairs and others who are able to live a fairly normal life.

Like diabetes, so treatments work for one person and not another. My advice is find a doctor who listens and do what is best for you. Because one person is able to do more than you does not make them better than you. We are all different and need to realize that with our differences our treatments will be different.

Don't let those who don't understand you or your pain discount how you feel. Only you know how you feel and only you and your doctor know what is best for you. Report
I like this article but tend to take offense a little about the syndrome comment, even though it isn't the authors fault. It says: "A syndrome is defined as a group of signs and symptoms that together are indicative of a specific disease or disorder, but have no identifiable cause." There are many diseases that have no identifiable least originally, and I feel that Fibromyalgia is only called a syndrome because doctors don't know, and have refused to know, the cause and treatment for it. It minimizes the suffering to call it a syndrome, and it is only called a syndrome because medical science doesn't know enough about it yet. I'm sure this has been the case for many diseases in the past until they were more completely understood. Report
This article was well done and the advice rings true! I have had FMS for 20 years (now exacerbated by spinal arthritis) and have found moderate exercise the key to staying sane. It helps to really listen to your body and not push hard with exercise on bad days, However, sitting for long periods and relying on pain medication to stay functional did not work for me. Weaning off Tramadol (I used it for years) was difficult to say the least. I find that a short period of physical activity (5-10 minutes) out of every waking hour really helps when dealing with a "flare up". A hot tub that is not too hot (90-98 degrees) is also very soothing. A good 45 minute walk most days goes a long way to easing the pain of FMS. My heart goes out to each person struggling with this perplexing disease, but there is more hope now in finding real help than there was 20 years ago when many in the medical field (including myself) thought it was a psychosomatic problem.
Thank you for all the information! Report
It is a Thyroid disorder and fixable!! GO TO THYROIDANSWER.COM and get this book free. He explains why hypothyroid causes all these symptoms plus many more. With all the cheap flouride in our water supply, cooking food in microwave with plastics, all the chemicals in our food...most get this when older. Going by just the TSH is crazy. I had ALL these symptoms back in 2001 and after getting on bio identical hormones and Armour thyroid, I feel great with no pain what so ever. I am 62 and can do 1 1/2 hours of spin class, plus body pump with weights and care for a active 2+year old while her mom is at work. Also go to YouTube and search fibromalgia Dr. Hotze and tons of info comes up. Look at least at this one:
-drg I hope this helps everyone. Report
I was diagnosed in the late '90's. They didn't know as much about it then as they do now. My dr. told me she could prescribe any kind of pain pill I wanted, but the best medicine is exercise! I started out with walking, then I started using a stretchie band or tube. Now I do all kinds of different types of workouts...including HIIT! Listen to your body. On those days where I feel uncomfortable and tired, I just do a walk or pilates/yoga. I take Savella 4 x's a day as well. I'm never ever pain free but I feel so much better now than I did in my 20's. The fatigue though...grrr! Report
Thank You, SP, for this article. I've had "Fibro" for at least 13 years (was diagnosed in 2000), but probably had it even longer than this. Between this and the 2 spinal fusions, I don't exercise at all. There's no way that I can kneel or even lay down on the floor. But this article has given me the encouragement to try SOMETHING in the way of exercise, which I know is needed.

And for MOMMYTO3PLUS: I am also beginning to realize that there are many things that should be eliminated from our food intake. I hate the fact that MSG & soy are so widely used. Another route that I am trying to follow is the elimination of wheat & it's partners. If you can get a hold of the book, "Wheat Belly" , you will learn a lot of things. When I cut down on those carbs, it makes a difference against my pain. No one thing will ever eliminate Fibro pain 100%, but every little bit helps. Everyone of us is affected differently, and it takes a long time to learn what works for our bodies.

Please note: The above paragraph is NOT intended to be a slam against what Spark People has here. Weight loss helps everyone: those with arthritis, heart problems, RA, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, and those being just plain overweight.

Also, Thank You, SP for mentioning the fact that there is a TEAM for those that suffer from Fibromyalgia right here. I was surprised about this, and at the number of people that belong to that TEAM....WOW!

Again, a Great informative article!

This is a great article for all sorts of things that cause pain, not just fibromyalgia! Thanks so much for the information! Report
Good article. However, there is no mention of a symptom that some people with fibro have which is post exertional malaise. When on exerts oneself either mentally or physically, one has feels like they have the flu for a day or so. I know from personal experience. If you experience this symptom, reduce your workout to a point where you don't feel ill and slowly increase your workout time. Note the word slowly. Report
I also have R A so what's good for one is not for the other now today is not a good day everything is swollen Report

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