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8 Seated Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair

Sit & Stretch with Gentle Yoga Moves


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I enjoyed these Report
good information Report
These facts about Yoga are interesting, funny and worth reading. I did not about them until I came across this article. This article is worth reading.

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Thank you! Report
My physical therapist and I have adapted many of these to be done on the bed. What I learned from this is that sometimes you have to get creative to adapt an exercise to your current physical issues. Report
Thanks for your idea and very happy to see this. Report
great workout Report
Thank You for the great article. Report
Going to try these! Report
Oh, how I like the seated neck rolls! Ahhhhhh! Report
If you must exercise seated in a chair, 7 and 8 are not feasible. The others were very helpful. Thanks. Report
Thanks for the great article. I will try these as I have limited mobility. Report
I want to try an instructor for a couple of sessions that is used to working with someone with problems. If it works for me I might recommend the place for other family member with their own problem sets. Report
I am so happy to see this: Did a lot of searching for Yoga, yesterday, and everything wanted me to get down on the floor. Maybe I'd do it if they could send someone to get me up off the floor. 8-) Report
Well... #8 is not happening. I wish they'd show how one could approximate the pose from a chair. Best I could do was to put my feet up and stretch toward my desk or table, but I don't know how effective or appropriate it is. Report

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