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How Yoga Helps Relieve Pain

Quiet Your Mind, Soothe Your Body


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Yes, Respect and know your limitations. The breathing is very relaxing to me. Report
My co-worker does yoga and she got me interested in it. I haven't tried it yet but I will. Interesting article! Report
I enjoyed the article, and learned from it. I have been trying a bit of yoga and find it very doable..mostly the stretches. Report
Great info, I enjoyed reading this article. Report
Good information. Report
Info as good now as it was then! 8-) Report
this a great article that addresses a lot of my issues..thank you Report
Great article with lots of supporting evidence/studies. Mindfulness and gentle movement helps me get through painful moments in my day. Report
Thank you! Report
Excellent article! Thanks. Report
Nice article. Report
Good article - well-written, well-researched, comprehensive... Very helpful! Report
yoga is awesome! Report
great article! Report

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