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The Healing Power of Touch

How Physical Contact Improves Your Health


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Makes sense. I think of the tension release when I go home and pet my dog. My son still comes in my room to set at night and just puts his head on my shoulder. But you also have to read people, not everyone wants you in their space. I respect that as well. I would never just assume someone needs a hug. Report
What an informative and helpful article. Thank you so much. Report
good info thanks Report
After my mom passed away, my doctor wrote a prescription for a service animal. It took about 10 months before I found Misty. She has been my companion. It helps my depression. Report
One of the joys of working with children is that hugs are easy to come by but, better yet, they seem to sense when a touch is needed but a hug would be too much. Sometimes it's a hand laid gently on the shoulder. Sometimes its a brush against the arm just acknowledging they see the need. Report
I was not raised to be a hugger so was pretty uncomfortable with it - until I went through a crisis in my life and people consoled me with touch! What an awesome feeling that is (even a pat on the hand or shoulder)! I am sensitive to some people's need for personal space but I'm all for giving hugs if anyone is receptive. Report
This would be great for someone close to my heart. They have been feeling down. And now I know how to cheer them up Report
I am a hugger only to very close friends and family. For the most part I will touch a shoulder or take their hand! I wish I were more of a hugger, because sometimes a person does just need a hug. I have four dogs, a cat and a very loving horse. I hug them often and they, in their own way, hug me back! Report
I live in the far northeast. Here hugs mostly aren't given. If you've been away from family, friends or are leaving for awhile,... there will be hugs. Its rare anyone hugs someone they do not know. However I belong to a congregation in which many of us have known each other for a long time and so some of us are huggers. Even when we gather for larger gatherings,,, .where there are many congregations,, you see many hugging.

Years ago I was in a very deepl, dark depression. I'd to the congregation 2 maybe more times a week. I had been told hugging helps. So I started to be a "hugger" and YES It DID HELP !

Yupers I am now a HUGGER !! NOT though to strangers.
I cannot understand why some people are so hostile to the idea of a hug but that's just them . I used to belong to a program that had mixed sexes and often at the mid point of the meeting when we stopped to get coffee the men would often hug each other there was no shame or anything. Generally you can tell if a person is receptive or not. In other cultures people will often walk together holding hands even men. Report
I reread the article, and it doesn't suggest touching strangers without consent.

Anyway, my dogs have been a lifesaver for me with regard to this. My children are grown now, so I don't get cuddle time with them anymore. My husband and I are separated. And I'm something of a misanthrop. They are using dogs at universities during exams, and hospital cancer wards to reduce stress. Petting a dog can be a great stress reducer. Report
I was very disappointed with this posting and the responses..not what I expected from Spark.
In 2014, encouraging touch of any kind (other than hand shake) with non family is inappropriate and potentially criminal.

My partner is a therapist, and I am an adult educator... This article is misguided... And uninformed to legal issues and professional behavior Report
If you are not related to me, an attempted hug might leave you with a black eye. Seriously; it may be healthy for you, but it's ire-raising for me.

All you huggers need to please keep this in mind. Report
I believe vitamin H (hugs) can heal a lot of things. One thing I've found they don't heal is smiling, it justs make smiling worse (for most people). My husband's company is small (eight employees) and if I go into the office with him you can see the smiles begin because most of the guys say "alright, we get our vitamin H today". The one's that don't feel comfortable (which are only two) just smile and say "good morning, hope you have a good day" and stand in the doorway instead of coming into the office I use. You have to take a que from other people as to how they feel about hugging, being alert to reactions from watching the others get a hug is a good indicator of how another person feels about hugs. I desensitize them with a pat on the shoulder, a hand on their arm for a moment, or some other small touch, it may be as small as a few extra words and soon they are inside the office and smiling even though they may not be huggable yet. Report
Thanks for sharing Report

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