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9 Ways to Avoid Heartburn while Traveling

Leave the Burn at Home!


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I take apple cider vinegar every day. One table spoon in a glass of water. Report
I haven't been troubled by travel heartburn so far. That doesn't mean it won't happen. As I become more seasoned (older) troubles that were non-existent pop up. I will follow this advice prophylactically. Report
Under the subtitle "Avoid Eating Large Portions" the correct spelling is "rein", like reining in a horse. "Reign" is the duration of a sovereign's rule. Spell check wouldn't have caught that. Report
Thanks for the apple cider vinegar tip. I'll try that! Report
My husband and I discovered we could retire the jar of Tums and replace it with apple cider vinegar, preferably Bragg's with The Mother. Take 1 tsp- 2 TBSP approx 30 minutes before each meal. It aids in digestion. It has changed our lives and our overall health. Report

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