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9 Myths & Misconceptions About Pilates

The Truth about the Pilates Method


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intresting article Report
Thanks Report
Interesting comments - almost more so than the article! Report
About 10 years ago, I moved to an area that had no pilates studios -- but pilates was offered in a large fitness center. There were 10 machines lined up side by side. The instructors had no time for personal reminders. It wasn't the same. Report
My primary instructor these days is the owner of a dance studio. She's a genius at minor changes that make a big difference. Report
I've had instructors who have confused a yoga class with a pilates class. When I sign up for pilates, that's what I want. Report
My county rec center offers mat classes at a very reasonable price -- it's half price for seniors and $10 for low-income people. Report
Interesting. Report
I kind of agree with you.. to me, the core is the brain and heart. Report
There’s a reason we’ve heard of it, it’s exercise Report
I took both mat and reformer classes and never saw any benefit to pilates. I have had many a pilates enthusiast say, "Well, that's because you're doing it wrong," just as this article states, but let me assure you, I was doing it just fine. Pilates does not have a monopoly on breathing, centering, internal focus, and keeping one's trunk properly stabilized (I LOATHE that new-agey term "core" that has no actual anatomical reference and means different things to different people, but does sound nice and soft and non-intimidating to beginners). I concentrate on these things will all exercises I do. I suppose if you're out of shape and new to resistance training, there is some benefit, but I would rather see a beginner stand up. I mean, I could lie on my back and bend my knees up and down on a spring-loaded reformer so that only my legs are truly working, but isn't it better for me to be in dance class, doing plies, with the full force of gravity against me and me having to use my trunk muscles to keep my torso erect? Not to mention having to use my arm muscles to hold my arms aloft in the air? Is pilates truly functional or does it just make you better at doing pilates? Report
interesting Report
Thank you. Report
I found Pilates is great for my flexibility and core but I still have to do strength training for the rest of my body. Report

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