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9 Myths & Misconceptions About Pilates

The Truth about the Pilates Method


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Very informative helpful for all Report
I might try it if anybody had a class close to me. Report
A lot of great information! Report
Very informative! Report
Great article! Report
Thank you. I didn't really know what pilates was before. Report
I am almost 63 years old and started Pilattes in Toronto in their Stott studio after an ankle injury. First I had private insttuction from an incredible instructor trainer Lisa K. and 7 months ago I joined group classes -reformer level 1 and reformer for active aging. I go 2x's per week. I can't even describe to you how much Pilates has changed my ability to move through the world. My knees are less sore, my ankle is much better but most of all I am stronger more flexible and most importantly I have better balance. I can stand on my feet for hours. Sit comfortably on chairs without backs and I feel better about my chubby body as I move around. I am also more aware of my surroundings and am bumping into people and inanimate objects less than I used to. I can squat which is something I have not been able to do for years because of my knees and I notice that month by month I am more able to get in and out of seating and standing positions. I absolutely love this form of exercise!!!!! Anyone can do it. I work very hard on doing it properly and find that the level 1 classes are challenging. I am tired after a class but I feel great and am proud of myself. Paying in advance by class makes sure I never miss one (additional incentive to attend ha ha) I will continue to do Pilattes for the rest of my life! This is not something I can say about every other type of fitness I have been involved in. Give it a try no matter how young or old, or small or large or shy or outgoing you are-it really is for everyone. Report
Interesting Report
Great! Thanks. Report
thanks Report
Plates is really good for strengthening the core. Report
Good need to know pilates info, thanks! Report
thanks Report

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