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How to Stop a Migraine in Its Tracks

Triggers & Treatments for Migraine Pain


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Thanks Report
thanks Report
sometimes smelling peppermint helps me chase away a headache. Report
Worth a try Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Maybe we can share our stories here and what we found out about migraines.

I suffer from migraines for 28 years now.
It all started when I got a wisdom tooth removed.
About 12 years ago I had to get a root canal done and the surgent was the first one to tell me that I grind my teeth at night. He recommended a night guard. This made the migraines come less.
Then I read in a magazine that chewing gum can aggravate it. I was a smoker back then (doesn't help either) and chewed a lot. Since I stopped, the migraines got less.
I quit coffee for a 21-day detox through food. That and the detox lessen it too.
Started with 2 migraine attacks a week (with vomiting) and now I might have one a month (no vomiting and a lot of times I can work with it even).
Pink Gravol helps me with the nauseousness and helps sleeping it off.
The trigger is often not obvious, I always thought it was the weather (cold to hot) but it wasn't.
I hope I inspire just one person to try some things out to find the true trigger(s). Report
Some important information Report
I thought this article would be helpful. It really wasn't. As a migraine sufferer, I was aware of the all the points made in the article. It maybe helpful for someone who has a friend or relative who suffers. Us who have them have been to doctors and have been given the standard: look at diet, maybe hormones and weather changes or could be medications etc. Report
I agree that the title is misleading. It should be titled something like, "A Basic Review of Migraines, Their Triggers, and Possible Solutions." It is useful to know and/or review how and why (as far as they know at this point) migraines develop, and it is nicely written. Report
As a sufferer of migraines I have kept a journal my dr and I have narrowed mine down to lack of sleep so now on a daily meds for sleep and Repax for when a migraine comes on I have had fewer migraines definitely not a cure to be on meds all the time. Report
I found no useful information on how to stop a migraine. If you have migraines, you probably already know to take something for it and lie down in a dark room... Report
The title of this article is not what the article contains. You cannot stop a migraine already started by taking birth control or avoiding coffee... A more relevant title would be about helping manage your life to avoid triggers. Report
good article Report
This article has nothing innovative. Perhaps it is time to find writers who actually read peer review articles and write what they know. Report

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