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Finding Exercise Motivation When You're Depressed

How to Get Moving When You're Low on Energy


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Thank you. Exercise does help depression. The problem is just getting started. Starting the day with exercise works best for me. Report
This makes a lot of sense. Maybe I'll get moving tomorrow! Report
Interesting! Report
.Grateful, very helpful, thanks for sharing. Report
I think having a routine is good & if you can schedule some or all activity early in the day, so much the better. It's nice to get it out of the way, & reap the benefits of extra calorie
burn afterward. However I often walk in the evening now that I am retired. After work it was too easy to blow off due to my job being so stressful & I often worked long, crazy hours. Having a workout buddy would've helped. Eating well & taking supplements are important too. Keeping an eye on the full length mirror (seeing myself naked) was also motivating. I didn't & don't want to be a Walmartian!!! (Pls refer to YouTube if you aren't familiar w/ those.🤔) Report
Exercise gives up endorphins! Report
I wonder what happened to Dean, he is nowhere to be found. Report
Lost my mom in April. Lost one of my boldest friends in May. June ain’t over yet. Fear. Depression. Sadness. Report
Exercise, even just a walk, helps my mood tremendously. Report
I'm glad I ran across the article, I've been feeling deflated or depressed I think because I have achieved astronomical goals and I haven't been working out as intensely and can see my blood-sugar numbers edge up a little. Amazing how this disease is always out there to get me. Report
thanks Report
Great article. I tell myself to get through the warmup. Just the warmup. If I still feel like I don't want to do my workout, I can walk away, no guilty allowed. I've only once taken myself up on it, and it turned out I was getting sick. Report
Thank you Report
I've never been clinically depressed, but activity sure does lift a mood. Report

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