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Finding Exercise Motivation When You're Depressed

How to Get Moving When You're Low on Energy


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Thanks for sharing Report
I needed to happen on this article this morning. It was good to be reminded that a missed day is not a failure but an opportunity to try again. I also needed to be reminded to keep my goals reasonable. Too often, I think walk a mile instead of around the block. Report
I needed this today Report
I find that exercise helps me when I'm depressed. Except when I have a headache. Report
Great information! Report
Great article! Report
Depression is so wide spread with many people having problems unknown to others as well as themselves. Good article to help. Report
I also want to thank SUBICK for his/her comment because it says just what I was thinking after reading this article. Even light exercise is very unpleasant and I feel drained or even sick afterward--even though keeping up with my active dog requires me to do so. And after many years of doctor-supervised experimentation, I also found that bupropion works far better for me than SSRIs or tricyclics. Definitely going to check out those links about genetic testing. Report
Exercising does help to relieve depression. It releases those endorphins! Report
I must be one of the lucky ones who is helped along by exercise in mind, body and spirit. It's just that I have a lazy gene that causes me to choose to be sedentary as in a couch potato in front of tv or laptop. Report
thanks without meaning to be-repetitive , this is clearly NOT a one size fits all issue,Having said that at least there are MORE options today than even a few years ago - I can recall being given one med that when I missed a dose I felt like I was getting the flu- NOT PLEASANT,. Report
...the comments of SUBICK were an eye opener...his/her comments rang true for me...i do not feel better after exercising... usually it's fatigue and irritation... but i keep going hoping the next time I'll feel energized!

... enjoyed the article...and the author is correct there is no cookie cutter solution for trying to get in exercise when your depressed... but something is better than nothing... Report
good points Report
I know I usually feel better after exercise. My son, who was diagnosed with clinical depression, says he feels better after exercise. It's just doing it that is the problem. Report
Good information. Report

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