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The Exercise-Headache Connection

How to Prevent Exercise-Related Headaches


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Great info and suggestions, Thanks! Report
Good suggestions Report
I learned the hard way to not do my normal routine if I have a headache...I don't get them as frequently as I used to, but I get tension & sinus headaches, and migraines. Had a milder headache so did my normal routine, less than halfway in and my head was throbbing and I was nauseated and lightheaded. Had to stop completely and go lay down. Report
I noticed that my headaches, while they coincide with exercise, are actually triggered by dehydration. Sometimes, they'll even stick around for a couple of days after a particularly strenuous workout if I don't get back on track with my water intake. Report
Thank you for this very informative article. As a sufferer of exercise-induced headaches, I think you've given a lot of good and useful tips. What was most useful for me was noticing which types of activities are more likely to cause a headache. When I was doing spinning a few years ago, I noticed that I always got headaches with certain instructors, and never with other instructors. It all had to do with the amount of warm-up. Some spin instructors jump right in and had us go to a "10" with only 5 minutes of warm up. The best spin instructors had us gradually work up to a "10" over the course of 20 minutes, so that the most intense spinning was during the middle of the work out, and gradually take it down. Report
My hubby always tell me to warm up and after my exercise. Sometimes I do but I forget sometimes. This is a great article. Report

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