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Acupressure for Pain Relief

The Secret to Healing Is in Your Hands


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When I was teaching Lamaze and was a doula, I taught and used acupressure points to stimulate contractions and to relieve pain. They really worked! I've also used acupressure points to relieve a headache. Report
I wonder if acupuncture will help my nerve damage pain? Report
It works ! miss going it just got to expensive to go any more.
worth checking into. Report
Doing acupressure on myself has had a huge impact on my cramps during my cycle every month as well! Report
Great ideas. There are a lot of YouTube videos which can help find the correct spots as well. Report

I found this site that shows all body acupoint.
hope it helps. Report
I have had accupressure, with astounding results considering that, going into it, I thought the whole practice was ridiculous. Turns out it was the only thing capable of curing my lower back pain. There was never anything about chi or balancing energies or any of that, it was just explained as manipulating pressure points. The one for my tailbone pain was located in the uppermost portion of my inner ear, which I scoffed at, but the relief was obvious and immediate. Report
2 years ago, after not getting any relief of Plantar Fasciitis from traditional treatments, I visited a licensed professional provider of Acupuncture. After about 6 sessions, the plantar fasciitis was gone! I am believer in Accupressure, pressure points and chi! Report
I checked both those links and maybe only one of the mentioned acupressure points was listed. Was there possibly other sites where the other ones plus more are listed? Report
I would like to try this on my hip. Report
Acupressure DOES work & is awesome!!! I think is it not widely accepted by western medicine because of their somewhat mystic description: "problematic symptoms by balancing and circulating body energy, or chi..." HOWEVER, my acupressurist explained to me how all the muscles connect with others. If one is tight, it can pull & cause pain elsewhere. There have been numerous occasions where I thought my back was out & I needed a chiropractic adjustment, but actually it was from overuse of another muscle which caused 'pulling & pain' in my back! How do we know that was the cause? Because after working the tense muscle, my back was fine!!! =) Report
Sounds great, I think I am going to have to try this! Report

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