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The Hidden Signs of Depression

Sadness Isn't the Only Symptom


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Absolutely Report
Very informative! Report
And what do you do if the person is an adult and refuses to seek help? Yeah, recognizing signs is all well and good, but ain't nothing you can do if they don't want help.
things to watch for Report
Good article. Report
Have you had blood work done by your GP? I had anemia and hypothyroidism and once we got that under control my depression lifted. Also in the winter you can get a SAD light and use that every day and that may help you too. Report
I have most of these. For 30+ years. Over the years I've done the meds , counseling. It never changed my depression. In fact counseling sometimes made it worse. So I live with it day to day. Winter is the worst because I can't get outside and garden. This year I didn't harvest everything though. I have lost all interest in quilting. I mostly watch tv after working all day. That makes it hard to lose weight. I'm still willing to look for help though. Report

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