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The Hidden Signs of Depression

Sadness Isn't the Only Symptom


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Yep, but I just ignore it and go on. Life is a drag. Report
thanks for this info, you're like a Report
A lot of people struggle with depression in the winter. There's little sunshine. That sure doesn't help Report
this is a great start for handling depression. Thank you. Report
Very interesting and helpful article. Report
I thought I had the depression I suffered from in check. But, seems a bad weather day, a disappointment, a little bit of anger...maybe road rage...and it all comes back to me. I have a hard time keeping my depression from creeping back into my life. Yes, I know what it is and know how it feels and know the symptoms that develop into heavier bouts....but how do you avoid it?? Report
Good list, and also the list that CHARADE539 posts. I'm a retired behavioral health RN with depression in treatment for 10+ years. Report
Great article Report
Other signs to look out for:
1. Irritability, snapping at friends and family, finding things that didn't annoy you before highly annoying now.
2. Paranoia, feeling like people are only spending time with you out of obligation, or that everyone secretly hates you and wants you to go away.
3. Wishing you could "just stop existing for awhile". Not death, but an escape from everything.
4. Inability to stay focused on tasks.
5. Having to invent excuses to keep going. (For me it was my dogs. If I didn't get up and go to work they would starve.) Report
Absolutely Report
Very informative! Report
And what do you do if the person is an adult and refuses to seek help? Yeah, recognizing signs is all well and good, but ain't nothing you can do if they don't want help.
things to watch for Report
Good article. Report

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