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The Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love

How Positive Relationships Boost Wellness


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Love to hear this...Thx! Report
Wonderful writing. Love is good—splash it around, embrace it! Follow your heart and listen to your inner voice. Report
Married to my high school sweetheart for 64 years. He is 86, I'm 83, and he is very loving every day!
Maybe that is why we are enjoying life at this age. Report
Thanks for a lovely blog. We are in our 48th yr. of happiness. He is my soulmate. Report
212 2-14-19 Woo HOO happy LOVE day, everyone! Let's spread it everyone, OK? 212 247 My DH surprised me this morning, after 43 years, we still are on our Honeymoon! I am SO blessed! 337

Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Thank you! Report
Very interesting! Report
Love is a super fine thing.
I believe negative relationships/connections can be just as damaging as love is beneficial. Report
Interesting ideas to consider Report
I believe love must include God. We are married 34.5 years and both consider our spiritual life a very important part of our marriage. Every day is a gift and loving your spouse makes those days worth every minute you are given. Report
I'm in love with love!! Report
I cannot let the fear of the past color the future. - Julie Kagawa, The Eternity Cure ~ 3/9/18 Report

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