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Sweet Swaps: Baking with Sugar Substitutes

How to Lighten Up Your Favorite Treats


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I use swerve. Report
I use Stevia but only in my coffee. I don't bake but I'm thinking that maybe I should try it some time. Report
I use Truvia. Used to use Splenda Report
I use splenda sometimes Report
After a while the substitution become second nature. Report
Agave is best for diabetics that really spike their numbers. Report
After reading several comments, I am passing along some of my research. Natural sweetners are sucrose (sugar), and fructose (occurs naturally in produce), stevia, honey, agave nectar, and pure maple syrup. All others are synthesized. Choice of sweetners should be made considering both health and taste. Persons like me with FH need to make choices based on effects to LDL and HDL. For me, my choices are Stevia, honey, maple syrup and fruits and juices. Diabetics need to research effects on glucose levels. Persons on weight loss diets, without health issues, can use personal preference. Genetics play a role in the sense of taste. Everyone's taste buds are unique. My choices are natural sweetners because of a health condition. However, I won't give anyone advice about their choice. If humans only ingested natural products, pharmaceutical companies would have no customers as few modern miracle drugs are natural. Report
Not everyone uses sugar substitutes to lose weight. I am FH and cannot use refined sugars (granulated sugar, powdered sugar, and brown sugar), as well as any refined flours, saturated fats and eggs. It is not an option for those of us with this genetic disorder to use any sweeteners that are blended with refined sugar in any recipe. Yes, I must eat a dessert that may not be a high quality chocolate chip cookie. I have to make these sacrifices for my health. Your website would help many people with FH by giving detailed instructions on how to use sweeteners and whole grain flours in cooking and baking. There many FH patients that could use lower doses of statins (with many undesirable side effects) with information about cooking with the above dietary restrictions. Actually, I experienced severe statin side effects. The new medication I take causes weight loss. My BMI is borderline underweight. Having acceptable recipes to try, and instructions to modify my own recipes may help me to gain weight. Report
The use of artificial sweetening agents which have broadly replaced other forms of sugars and have shown a paradoxical, negative effect on blood glucose. Ingestion of these artificial sweeteners (AS) results in the release of insulin from pancreas which is mistaken for glucose (due to their sweet taste). This increases the levels of insulin in blood eventually leading to decreased receptor activity due to insulin resistance. Bad for diabetes! Stick natural minimally processed sweets. If you get away for overly sweet foods, eventually you will be able taste the natural sweetness of fruits and veggies. Report
I always use Splenda. Report
Good🌺 Report
Thank you Report
Thanks for the information. Report
Only agave nectar, real sugar or stevia are natural, ,, Report
Thank you. Report

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