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The Truth About Juicing and Your Health

To Juice or Not to Juice;That is the Question


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Seems to me the bottom line is "If you want to juice or like to juice then juice. If not, don't" Juicing seems like doing a lot of work preparing the juice so that you can drink it faster than eating the fruit. I enjoy the whole ritual of peeling a grapefruit, removing (and sometimes eating) the pith then enjoying the fruit. Takes about 20-30 minute all told. Drinking a glass of juice takes what, thirty seconds. Report
interesting article Report
Good article. Report
What I like about juicing or making smoothies is getting in the veggies I don't like eating. Like everything, it's about moderation. Report
thanks Report
I like apples, do not like applesauce, but teeth problems will not let me bite and really chew an apple. So I use a juicer to be able to have something I enjoy. I keep the pulp and freeze it when I have enough I add it to soups or vegetable type stews. This way nothing goes to waste. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
This article answered a lot of my questions, but I have come to the same conclusion: Whole foods are always best! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Have tried juicing before. It makes sense but cleaning the juicer is more work than eating the fruit for sure. Report
This article was timely. I was just thinking about purchasing a juicer but I think I will stick with whole fruits Report
I used to use a juicer. It was a pain to clean and didn't make much juice. By the time I got rid of it, I was only using it to make applesauce. Report
Love is a friendship set to music.
- Joseph Campbell Report
Balancing! Report
Interesting article - but part of the comparison chart was covered up with "Related Content" and "Sponsored Content". While I realize the importance of advertising to keeping the site free, it would be nice to be able to read the whole chart in order to use the information. Report

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