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Whittle Your Waist, Fatten Your Wallet

5 Goal-Setting Tips for Fitness and Finances


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Great information thanks for sharing. Report
great. Report
...great article... thanks...

05/02/18 Report
Cool, thanks! Report
I like the analogy. Report
Thank You for a great article............. Report
Thank you! Interesting concept. I never thought about applying financial tips to physical exercise! Report
Great tips, Thanks! Report
Interesting Report
Thanks! Great info! Report
Thanks Report
Thank you for the tips. Report
I enjoyed this article! I liked the for thought! Report
I wish one tank of gas was $40. My rent just increased, BC Hydro did another rate hike and groceries just went up again - which I think is now around 40% increase in one year. Yeah I will put finances with physical fitness - can't do it. Since that's not the message I want, I will continue to walk, no gym (we only have one and it's VERY EXPENSIVE), and as for my finances, I will hope that one day things will work out - as right now I can't breathe. I wonder how long I can hold my breath for.........hmmmm............ Report
Great article. Puts exercise in a new light for me! Report

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