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Garlic: The Big Flavor with Benefits

Behind Garlic's Bold Taste is a Healthy Nutritional Profile


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Garlic is very good for you. Report
Great article. Garlic is Delish! Report
I got a question on the trivia game that asked the nutritional components of Garlic. I got it wrong because I know selenium is a mineral and one of the group of 3 answers included Vit B-6. Selinium is not a vitamin, it's a mineral. The other 2 answers were Vit C and Magnesium which are right. So none of the choices were right which is how I answered the question. Can you help explain please. Report
I use fresh garlic, it lasts for ages. Report
Eat it it you like it, don't worry about fresh or jarred! Greeks and Roman's didn't have many spices way back then, so of course used a lot of it. Don't worry about "possible" health benefits, no one has come up with any amount that might do anything at all yet, even after test trials. Just enjoy it. Report
I really do not care for garlic and I also am allergic to it. I recall a woman from Italy saying on TV that real Italians do not use garlic in cooking. This was born out one time when at a place I worked for we went to a local Italian cultural center (Santa Maria Goretti). I really was NOT looking forward to it as I had wild thoughts out everything having garlic in it. It DIDN'T. What was odd was even the SALAD had spaghetti in it! Report
I like garlic & usually use the minced garlic in a jar.
I was a little disappointed that the article didn't mention this form. Report
Garlic is a food I cook with every day! Report
a bulb of garlic a day, keeps not just the dr. away, but everyone else too.. so no germs! Report
I love garlic. My hubby and I but my son don't like it. He say we have eaten so much that it coming out our pores. Report
A day without garlic is like a day without sunshine---- love it! lol

I buy the minced garlic in a jar and it seems to keep in the refrigerator (forever).
I love garlic but then the smell comes out all my pores and mouth the next day. Is there someway to neutralize that effect? Report

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