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The Buzz on Jazzercise

The Fitness Class with Rhythm


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Jazzercise is great. I have been doing jazz for 6 years and have met many new friends. Since my husband doesn't like to dance it's a great way for me to dance and get much needed excercise. Since the routins are always changing your body doesn't get used to the workout. Report
You know the program has to be good when it has been around for 40 years!
Jazzercise is celebrating it's 40 year anniversary this year! I have been jazzin' for over 25 years myself. LOVE IT! Every other month we get new music and routines. We are now dancing to 'Jai Ho' from Slumdog Millionaire which is really a fun song. It is always fresh and never boring! You can look up classes in your area at - TRY IT - You'l LOVE it! Report
I did Jazzercise in the late happy to have joined again! I am into a fit lifestyle now. I goes to show its never too late to start exercising again. I am 50 plus years old and my body is happy to move! The music is not what I listen to on the radio, but it does have a beat that makes me want to dance...... Report
I have been a fan of Jazzercise since 1980 after my son was born. I gained 40 lbs with him, and with watching my calories and Jazzercise I ended up smaller than before I got pregnant. I still do it (just finished as a matter of fact) at home with my Jazzercise DVD's. Just recently ordered the newest one from the Jazzercise website. I was also disappointed that Jazzercise was not in the fitness tracker. Report
It's good to see an article on Jazzercise and to see how many folks are active members. I remember going to early classes (mid 70's) with an older friend of mine and thinking this is good for all ages. Fast forward to the present and I find myself looking for, going to and enjoying the classes more these days. In my opinion jazzercise has grown and become better over the years......I intend to keep in up, whither I am in the states or out. Report
I was happy to see this article about Jazzercise, since I had just joined on October 15, 2008. I have been going strong for 2 months and lost 15 pounds since joining. Of course, I gained 3 pounds during the holidays and am working hard on losing that, but I have noticed that my body feels so much better. I had almost given up on exercise because of my back problems (repeated ruptured discs) and bad knees, but it is true that during each workout, the instructor always gives everyone alternaive (low impact) moves to do that won't compromise your heart rate. I LOVE to dance, so I don't know why I didn't think of this before! It really gives you an all-over body workout. I don't have some of the aches and pains that I used to and feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds. It is like having your own personal trainer, but not as expensive. You can't help but be encouraged during class because everyone is so supportive and they are all working towards the same goal. They aren't in class to meet men and you definately can't just stand there, so you are guaranteed a great workout every time you go! I am so happy to have found something that I enjoy and I really hate to drive past my Jazzercise studio! I have even been rolling out of bed on my days off and going. I am actually going on New Year's Day to sign up for "Personal Touch" strength and stretch training. If I go that day, I get 50% off. I joined during a promotion for Forever Fit, so my classes cost me about $39 per month with unlimited classes. I have been going 4 times per week. If anyone has any questions, let me know! Report
Another thing great about Jazzercise is that over time you make buddies with the people around you and the social network also draws you to class. I started in 2000 and have had a goal to go to 200 classes each year, which I have truly enjoyed doing. Other people come less or come more. I really found my niche there. By the way, where I live there are a variety of locations and times available so it usually can fit in to a varied schedule. It's totally true that all shapes and sizes find the class valuable and enjoyable.
I wanted to feel pretty as mother of the bride and started losing weight in April. Last week was the wedding and I was very happy to be looking good. A couple of my Jazzercise friends attended, even though they had never met my daughter before. They certainly had heard all about the wedding plans inbetween songs at Jazzercise.

I joined jazzercise June 2008. I have more energy and my core is stronger. And my teacher is funny! The classes are great.
I am 23 and I started Jazzercise about 3 months ago. I have lost 25 lbs since I started and I absolutely love how comprehensive the workout is. I also like how they switch up the routines every other week or every few days, at least my class instructors do. It's nice becauseyou don't get bored that way and you also don't work the same muscle groups the same exact way each time. Report
I am surprised there is no listing for Jazzercise in the Fitness Tracker. There is not really anything comparable listed under Dancing either. I was anxious to record my jazzercise time today after reading this article & being sparked to do it again. I thought it went out yrs ago, but remembered the steps & really enjoyed a 30 min. session to Mamma Mia music. I hope SP adds it in there since this was a great article that inspired me to get back into jazzing up my routine! Thank You. Report
If you go to Jazzercise, do you also work out at home too? I am trying to go to at least 5 classes per week. How many calories does a class burn? Report
Hello my name is Cheryl and I am writing to find out the location of the Jazzercise classes and if any are in the San Fernando area because I am starting on my way to a healthier life and I love to dance. Report
I have been jazzercising for three years and I credit it with keeping me sane and helping me lose the first 50 lbs only 20 more to go.
I love the fact that it changes and that I am not bored. Plus I have a wide range of ages shapes and sizes exercising with me. No need to feel self conscious at all Report
I LOVE JAZZERCISE. 40 lbs ago I was back in shape because of Jazzercise. I'd never even done aerobics, but this is so much more fun!!! With the latest music to great instructors. I joined Jazzercise a few months after my Mom passed away from Breast Cancer, so I wouldn't be more at risk, getting fit. Then 3 years later my Dad was diagnosed terminal cancer. It really got to me that I wasn't going to have parents anymore. I got depressed and quit. I stopped Jazzercise a year and 11/2 ago and gained all the weight back. I was only 15 lbs from my goal too. I'm sooo glad I got back into it and am loving it all over again. We all go through slumps in our lives, but it's not until someone makes you realize where you are in life for change to come. Thank you Judy S.-M. for Jazzercise and what it has done and is doing again to my life. I do agree that you have to find what you like to do for fitness. What works for one doesn't always work for all. And for me, that means, high-impact Jazzercise!!! Report
Funny I should see this article today when just last night I pulled out my Jazzersize video with J. Missett from the early 901's. It is very dated but I really did enjoy it .She shows a bar of the cardio level from warmup to peak cardio and then back to the level of the warm up for the cool down. And it was indeed a nice workout if you don't find a local class. Report

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