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The Buzz on Jazzercise

The Fitness Class with Rhythm


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Never heard of this one either. Thanks for the info! Report
This is an old article, but a fun one. Jazzercize was a lot of fun back in the day. Report
I knew this was a blast from the past (written in 2004) when I saw Jazzercise in the title !! Report
I used to love Jazzercise! Those were good times! Report
Good article Report
I love Jazzercize! Great article! I am a former Jazzercise participant. Yes, I am male, a "Jazzerdude."

It is a great exercise program and probably the only one that I stayed with for an extended length of time, 8 or more years. The set class times usually helped me make sure I made time for class. I don't work as well with the "I'll go to the gym after work" mentality. Too many obstacles and reasons to not get there. But I would make sure I could a scheduled 6:00 PM class time.

I even found other Jazzercise locations when I traveled for business. I found myself warmly welcomed when visiting in Alabama, Michigan and Texas. Some would charge $10 per visit, others would just welcome me with open arms and a closed wallet.

I stopped for pricing issues. When the price went over $40 per month, I stopped. I regularly attended 3 - 8 classes a week, which puts my per class pricing down to the $2 or less range per class. There are several franchise gyms in my area that I can use for $10-$20 per month.

Great article. Oh how I wish I could do this type of exercise. My knees just don't allow it. Report
Sadly Jazzercize isn't as affordable as when this article was written. In the day when there are SO many fitness options including gyms that are only $10 per month, individual "come try us out" Jazzercize classes are $14 each. Sorry Jazzercize...I'll be checking out $5 Zumba right next door!!! Report
LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jazzercise! It helped me lose over 60 pounds several years ago! Report
The picture accompanying this article is wrong. We don't use steps in Jazzercise. Report
I have done Jazzercise for eight months on a twelve month commitment plan. I am counting the days until I am done. I find this exercise so low level. There are some instructors that move and offer a fair workout. Others are so lame that its hard to call it exercise. I consider Jazzercise an activity, not an exercise.
The dance moves are awful. The counts are off and hard to follow (two of our local instructors are also teachers so they are the better ones for instructions). The first month I heard the word "booty" so many times I thought it was a "booty class". We often do "single single, double" movements which are SO annoying. Just keep counting and moving!
Many participants think the class is their own private club. They shuffle, run and go ALL over the floor with no attention to others in the room. It is scary.
The instructors keep the music LOUD and will raise the volume repeatedly during the classes.
I find the exercises are very hard on the back. Each day has a new set of music but the latest set of music presented has been extremely hard on the back. It is not a class for those with any back issues.
Jazzercise assumes you have good core and are into shaking your hips with loud music.
There will be a PARTY in December when I am done Jazzercise.
I think walking, biking, kickboxing and spinning are MUCH better exercise options.
The only way to fly....even if it's been awhile and it bout kills me! Report
I love Jazzercise so much I became an instructor! I've told people I'm a lifer. Such a great group of people and a workout that doesn't feel like a workout. It's FUN! Report
The photo relaed to this article is very misleading! I don't think they use steps in Jazxzercise classes! Report
I did Jazzercise years ago. it was great fun. :) :) :) Report

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