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10 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

Make Your Home Workplace Work for You


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Great article! Report
thanks Report
I had never heard of a treadmill desk! Very interesting. Report
The hardest part is not getting into lunch until lunchtime Report
I agree with the poster who mentioned isolation. I'm an introvert who worked at home in my own business for 20 years. The first thing I learned however, that dressing for work even in "business casual" is a good thing. If you work in jammies or work out gear you are removing yourself from your work environment. I've done both and I'm a psychologist so I know this is true. If you work for someone else then you likely have core hours - flextime BUT - and also if you work for someone else and you have kids arrange for formal child care. Telework is not a substitute that allows kid time or elder care. Report
I worked from home for the last ten years of my career (now retired). One thing that is not mentioned here is the isolation. I missed the camaderie and interaction with co-workers. I couldn't just get up and walk to someone else's office to sit down and meet or work on something. The lack of personal contact sometimes masquerades as hunger . . . when it is really just another emotional eating cue. Report
I have been working from home for 17 years, and I agree with all these statements. I have done all the wrong things (sleeping in, working too late, snacking at my desk, not getting up) and it does make you miserable if you retain these bad habits. So now my desk sits in the front room of my house, right by the window, forcing me to get dressed every day. I have a sitting/standing desk and a timer (still working on using it more). I go out for walks around the block twice a day, and I ALWAYS take my lunch break, even if I just sit and veg in front of the TV. If you work in an office, you take periodic breaks from work to go to the break room, talk with colleagues, etc. Try to do the same when you work from home. Don't become a slave to your desk! Report
I don't work from home, but am retired so am home more. Setting a routine to get up and out is crucial as is having regular meals and snacks. Report
I don't work from home but I agree with getting up every hour, actually, every half hour. The Outlook calendar you can set an appointment and snooze it all day long. I do a lot of computer work and I start work at 8:00. The first reminder comes up at 8:30. I set it to snooze for half an hour and get up and do some filing, go to see people, make copies, etc. When it goes off again at 9:00 I snooze it for another half hour and get back on the computer. I alternate sitting at the computer and getting up and doing other things in 30 minute increments all day. If I don't, the pain in my neck is terrible. (Oh, there goes my reminder now, off I go to file...) Report
Since I am a retired individual, I still learned a lot from this article. I sit to write checks, I sit to be on the computer, I sit to read, and I sit to watch TV. So getting up every hour is a great suggestion for me. And with Hubby in a rest home I go mout to sit with him, often three hours or more. Report
I'm so glad I came across this article because It's so easy to sit and work at your desk all day! I try have breaks throughout (laundry, dinner prep, dog walk, garden, clean up around house)... Report
I prepare a huge pile of vegetables in the morning and leave it in the kitchen, so every time I wander in there, I can nosh safely. My water bottle usually sits there too, so when I'm thirsty I have an excuse to run in there. I also do laundry during breaks. My very thoughtful wife got me a treadmill desk, and in the month I've used it so far and watched my food intake, I've lost 10 lbs! The only problem is that the treadmill desk isn't exactly cardio or strength training, so you still have to work those in. Report
My first thought when I read this was "How in the heck do you get anything done if you are stopping every hour?" That was the hard one for me. Then I saw the comments which said to do a load of laundry or another quick chore. It clicked.

Good article. Report
You must stay disciplined. You must make time in your life to get outside and interact with other people. This is a downfall to many who work at home. They do fail due to the isolation working at home brings. FYI I have had success with this A rated with the BBB program and you all are welcome to join me: Report

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