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10 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age

Skip the Gimmicks to Look and Feel Younger Than Ever


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All too often we SKIM over these things YEAH YEAH yeah ok whatever. Got it moving on. But I just sat here and REALLY read through this article. It's ALL TRUE - hopefully we will wake up and DO more of these things. Taking better care of ourselves and of each other! Excellent article! Very important reminders!! Report
Thanks Report
Ouch, but true! Report
Great info - basic but often overlooked. Keep it simple and follow through. Report
Really good article to read. It may seem 'common' (Which in a way it is - as in 'common sense') but this clearly defines quite a *lot* (good kick in the pants and reminders clearly defined and laid out!!). Report
Thanks, Great article. Report
Useful recommendations. Thanks for the article. Report
Lots of good stuff here, thanks! Report
Wow, to know and to follow this info Report
Thanks Report
Do not waste time being defiant..... Report
Health and wellness is what it's about, SparkFriends. Age ain't nothing but a number Report
The most important motto I have, as I get older, is to be able to "stay relevant". This includes doing all or most of the above and something else that I have decided is important.
And that is, to stay close to loving family members and friends and to maintain the social interaction that makes us happy. Report

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