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Why Women Don't Lift Weights--But Should

Strength Training is a Must for Both Sexes


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I love using the weight machine. I use it all of the time when I don't take aerobics. Then we use weights. Report
I've been strength training for many years. I will be 59 this year. It's very important to stay strong as we age. We lose muscle at warp speed now! Report
GREAT Report
I work in 3 sessions of basic strength exercises each week. Good article. Report
I want to fit in strength training! Report
I love weight training and do it each time that I go to the gym. I want to keep up my strength and be in the best shape that I can be. Report
I completely agree with PERSERVERANCE71 ...I just can't seem to get into a routine of consistently doing weight training. It's boring and I never know what to do with my "rest" time in between sets. Report
I don't lift weights because it's my least favorite exercise. I WISH i enjoyed it, but each minute feels like 10. Maybe someday it will "click" and i'll enjoy it. In the meantime, I'll do bodyweight exercises. I completely get how beneficial it is, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Yet. Report
Great exercise for people in a wheelchair, like me. Report
For pete's sakes, you don't have to go to a gym, buy some free weights and do simple lifts at home. Your arms will look better just doing that... Keep it simple. This article is from 2012, times have changed. Average folk don't have time to deal with trainers and the like. Report
I usually strength train 2-3 times a week. However, it seems like the last month or so, i've not had that kind of time. Report
I try to fit some in every day Report
Big fan of strength trsinibg. Report
Y'know, I read an interview once with Ronda Rousey where she said she used to be self-conscious about how big her arms are, even though you'd never mistake her body shape for a man's. I think this is just a cultural thing about what female body type you're seeking. Some of us do bulk up a bit - not like men do - but enough to make our sleeves and pants fit more tightly. Maybe it's 'cause I'm black and the images I've grown up seeing on Essence covers aren't the willowy bodies on Cosmo, but I'd much prefer an athlete's body to a model's, personally. There is osteoporosis in my family, so lifting heavy now is the thing that's going to keep me healthy and independent when I'm elderly - jeans size be damned, I'm strength training! Report
I am also tired of those who say they would look like a man by lifting weights. Unless you are working with a trainer about 8 hours a day, working individual muscles, not going to happen. Why to people even think that???? I have been lifting weights 3 times a week, an hour at a time for about 6 years now, and there is no way I have anywhere near the muscles of a muscle builder. Now I am stronger, feel better and don't have the "flab" look like I did 6 years ago. Report

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