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50 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories


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good ideas Report
Hmm I noticed the list isn't complete Report
Thank you! Report
Hum...I am burning calories that I didn't even know I was burning. That is awesome. Thx for sharing. Report
I need to Zumba every day!!! After missing the gym for a week, I did Zumba last night for an hour and although it was killing me I'm glad to see I burned a little over 600 calories. :) Report
Interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing. =^_^= Report
When pushing a stroller, do you get points for walking yourself, PLUS the points for pushing the stroller? Report
Thanks Report
Excellent, exciting suggestions... Dance, dance, dance!!! Report
interesting info Report
Cardio Dance is my go to for a cardio fav. Report
Great ideas Report
Cardio Dance for 115 minutes is my choice of exercise. Report
Love Dianedoessmiles idea! I need a hoolahoop... Report
Great ideas! Report

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