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50 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories


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40 minutes of doing dishes??? Whose house is that...the Duggars??? Report
G0 back and read the article again. Swimming only takes 15 minutes to burn 100 calories. Treading water takes 23 minutes. It is not the same thing. Report
Yes this article is good advice and appropriate. It states that it is based on an individual person whose weight is 150 lbs. SparksPeople estimates our calories burned it using our current weight and the time we complete our particular exercise. If I weigh a great deal more then 150 lbs I will burn more calories exercising for awhile, than someone smaller. When I lose weight I will have to increase my intensity of exercise to burn as much or more then when I was heavy! The lovely thing is our bodies are tolerating exercise better and our metabolic furnace is requireing more from us to keep that furnace burning. The pay off is the intense amount of energy we get from moving more ! Got to Love that! Report
I'm surprised at how many calories I must be burning just holding my 5 month old :) She's teething and wants to be held, only while i'm standing btw! No wonder I'm losing more and more weight every time I step on the scale! though, the extra 300+ calories for sitting on my butt breastfeeding helps lol Report
I put in 15 minutes of general swimming and got 124 caloreis burned. Remember, the fitness tracker uses your age and weight and the intensity of the exercise to figure the calories burned. If I put in swimming: crawl for 15 minutes it show 231 calories burned.

So an article like this is an approximation of the calories you could burn in that length of time. If you end up burning more: that's great! Report
The article says 15 minutes of swimming, not 23. I often find conflicting "calories burned" information on websites, my heart rate monitor or the screen on fitness machines. Follow your gut and do what works for you. I like this list because it's chopped up into small bites. Easy to manage and easy to fit into your day. Report
51.) Watch TV for an hour. Report
Well, if this article is correct, then the fitness tracker on SparkPeople sure is way off. For example, this article says that 23 minutes of swimming will burn 100 calories. However, when I enter in 23 mins. of swimming on the fitness tracker, it says you have burned 204 calories. That's just one example. So.....which one is right? That's a very important question because I rely on the SparkPeople fitness tracker to be accurate. Is it? Report

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