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How a 'Bad Food' Attitude Can Backfire

Make Peace with Your Cravings to Drop More Pounds


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It is all in the mind. Report
Brings to mind a Shakespeare quote

"Nothing is good nor bad but that thinking makes it so!" Report
Feel nothing is bad moderation is the key Report
Very interesting and thanks for the citations. I will say that some foods are BAD, BAD, BAD. The worst is gluten. It causes glycation, AGING, of cells all over the your body and is a major promoter of autoimmune diseases. I know. I've experienced and studied it ad nauseum. Some foods are VERY GOOD such as organic whole foods in the form of vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Examples of whole fruits and vegetables include apples, peaches, bananas, grapes, mangoes, figs, lemons, dandelion greens, kale, carrots, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, yams, and others. Source: . Please do your independent study of this. Your life may depend on it. Report
Good read, thank you! Things to think about Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Wonderful advice! Thank you! Report
As someone with BED, I can tell you that there DEFINITELY ARE "bad" foods! They are the ones that I can NOT eat in moderation; I can NOT even have them around my home, and they do NOT belong in my diet.

Besides which, when you are trying to stick to a 1,500 daily calorie limit, there really isn't room for sugary, fattening foods. People who can eat small amounts of tempting treats in moderation probably don't have weight problems to begin with. Report
Have to agree that the minute a food is "forbidden" that's when the desire for it increases! Thanks for this information. Report
I've been blessed so far, I've had no urges for the foods I was abusing before I got into trouble. I really enjoy the foods I'm eating currently. Report
Agree Report
Every now and then I get a strong craving for something not on my plan. If it won't go away after I try exercise, water, and healthy foods, I just let myself go for it. This works for me because I settle down and get back on track afterwards. Do you know what a Whoopie Pie is? It's like a squashed chocolate cupcake with fluffy white frosting inside. Well, even though I don't really like them usually, yesterday I was craving one badly. When the craving was driving me crazy, I just went out and bought one. After I ate about 3/4 of it, I was happy and took the rest home to my DH. Today I ate healthy and exercised! Giving in now and then works for me for some reason. Report
I completely agree. Restrictive diets never work and 95% of people who lose weight will regain it. Eating sanely and mindfully may take you longer on your route to healthy living, but the results are long lasting. I found the article a little contradictory however as it described healthy and unhealthy eating options. That's pretty much the same as labelling food good or bad. It's only bad or unhealthy if you eat that way all the time. We need to develop a healthy attitude towards food. Some people with eating disorders, especially bingers and overeaters may have to restrict certain foods as part of their recovery, but few people can ever maintain that kind of restrictive eating forever. Eating disorders are a mental illness, and overcoming them lies in dealing with the mental illness. As someone recovering from BE, I found that the more I tried to restrict my trigger foods the more likely I was to binge. I have only found some success by dealing with the mental health issues that drive my eating, not by labelling foods good or bad. Slowly but surely, food is losing it's hold on me. Report

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