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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


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This is awesome! Little things make a big difference! Report
Oh wow, I had no idea. Well there's my answer to why I'm not losing weight! Report
Each time I get confused about how much is a serving on the pyramid foods...this article reminds me and keeps me on my toes!!!

Thanks SPARK!!! Report
Love this, thank you! Report
I think this is very helpful - except the hocky puck bit....what size is a hocky pu? perhaps cup or similar would work better but other visuals are excellent, thanks Report
I'm not sure how you can indicate a liquid to be about the size of a hockey puck, I mean how can you mentally put those two items together and say "oh ok... this glass of juice is the same size as a hockey puck"
???? Report
Thanks very much, I find this very helpful Report
Thank you for the visual aids. Portion control is key to success, no doubt! I cannot believe just how much I was eating!!! The only example I couldn't relate to was the billiard ball. I went to Wal-mart and found one so I could see it for real... not very big! Report
I have never seen a hockey puck in my life.You have used very poor examples,in my opinion. I also do not know size a billiard ball is.Most charts I have seeen use thing that are familiar to all,like the palm of your hand, a fist,your thumb and so forth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Report
I understand about portion control, and serving size.. but portion sizes seem un-realistic to me.
Half a bagel is not a portion, it's half a portion, just as average people would not eat half a cup of dry cereal.
As for the slice of bread equaling an index card, the only slice of bread I have ever seen that size was those little Rye Party Squares
I would say that everyone on here knows the size of a standard slice of bread...and that should be your standard too.. Report
Thank you Trician13 for the charts! I pasted the site into my browser and now that I can see the portions alongside the "hockey puck" comparison, the article makes sense. I really feel empowered! Report
I simply do not agree with some of these equivalences. A cup of greens the size of a billiard ball? I highly doubt that! how does 6 ounces of juice equal a hockey puck? a slice of bread equal to an index card? The comparisons should actually make some kind of sense Report
I believe that portion control is one of the very important aspects of weight loss and maintaining that weight loss. LEARN WHAT A "PROPER" PORTION LOOKS LIKE!

I found a good chart for guidance that can be printed out and posted on your refrigerator or carried in your wallet at:

For the FRIDGE:

For your WALLET:

Has pictures, food type (grains, veggies, dairy, meat, etc.), sizes and number of servings per day. It does use the "hockey puck, tennis ball," etc., but, if you're not familiar with these items--go to a sports store, take a really good, long look (and/or measurements) of such items so you know what they look like.

I have been using portion control for so many years that I am pretty good at "eyeballing" portion sizes, but I do go back every once in a while to actually measuring things, just to verify or correct my eyeballing. Good to be able to do this when you're eating away from home in a restaurant, at a friend's home, etc.
I am not a sport person and live in England so don't understand some of the terms but the principal of looking at the size is good and much easier than weighing everything especially when away from home! Report
I dislike SPORT terms, who knows what a hockey puck is, what size is a bilard ball or a baseball or a football..I certainly do not. Also a piece of bread the size of an INDEX CARD I can't cut that thinly and if not as thin as an index card can it be 2 inches (5 Cm) thick? Also I have dice..some are 1/4 inch and some as big as 1 inch(and the ones in people's cars are 3 inches square). think in 3 dimensions, and not use male illustrations for mostly women readers. Report

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