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VIDEO: 16-Minute Bollywood Dance Workout

From the ''Bollywood Burn'' DVD


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Tried it but will need to lose some weight before finishing the whole sequence Report
This video was fun and a lot more challenging (and heart-racing) than I expected! At one point I was having trouble with the forward kick and arms switching, so I ended up just totally overdoing it and waving my arms and kicking my feet like an idiot. It was fun to take a break to laugh at myself :P Report
thank you sparkpeople for fixing this video!!!!!!!!!! soooo much fun! Report
This workout is fun! But it's tough at my weight, ha. Going to save for later while I use easier routines. Definitely fun though. Report
Wont play
Yeah definately won't play Report
Won't play for me either. Report
it will not play Report
it will not play Report
This workout is soooo fun!! I was able to get it to work only one time though...I dont know what happened but I cannot get the video to play. Is anyone else having this issue?? Report
Loved this! It was actually fun :) At times the voice over was a little off, but not really a big deal. I expected it to be much worse from the comments, but I watched and followed along and it wasn't a problem for me. I'm looking into getting the full dvd. Thanks SparkPeople!! Report
I loved doing this (just did it for the first time) and I was SWEATING at the end of it like I only do with Jillian Michaels. Could someone of the staff add a tracker, please that would be awesome.

One criticism thought: I concentrated on watching the moves because the narrator is not really on cue most of the time! Report
Oh my. As an actual bollywood dancer, I've got to say... this is not really bollywood dancing- it's nowhere near as intense nor does she actually show proper form/moves... I'm sure it's a fun change for some, but maybe I need to get into the bollywood fitness video universe :P Report
Glad I am not the only one who has difficulty finding the start button for above viideo as well as others. Can someone post a clue as to where the start button is for the above dance workout.
Than ks Report
Workout was fun ... easy for me to modify the moves as there are some I can't do. But won't be doing this one again.... the music was too monotonous for me. Report

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