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How America Grew

A Timeline of National Growth


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what i'm curious about is why portion sizes increased in the first place. anyone got insight on that? Report
i did not know that SP has been around since 2003!!! Awesome!
it needs to be updated...isn't the new thing instead of a pyramid it's the plate! Report
I tried Olean potato chips back in 1998 on a dare from a college friend. Worst decision ever! I spent the rest of the night with stomach cramps and running to the bathroom. Come to find out years later that the fat molecules are linked in a way comparable to chicken feed! Yuck! Report
liked the article. It is really something to think about when you are trying to make health food choices as to how our food got in the state that it is. Report
This article is pretty heavily slanted; I like reading things that are informative and useful but when the bias is so obvious I tend to lose focus on the message.
Thumbs down. Report
Oh, the year to remember: 2003! Thank you, Sparkpeople! Report
I try not to eat at fast food restaurants. When I travel long distances (which is about 1x a year), I end up having to eat fast food. I go for the smallest size I can get., which is off the dollar menu, the under a dollar menu, or kid's menu. I quit buying drinks and keeping my own in an ice chest (one of those 7.5 ounce soda's). I would ask for the smallest sized drink and it would be a 24 ounce drink or some absurd size like that. I've tried to get the kid's size but couldn't get it. Oh well. Report
I gave up eating at McDonalds years ago. I retained plenty of other bad eating habits (I am here after all... :) ), so I've had a weight problem for a while, but I was managing it and even losing somewhat steadily. Last month I was in a hurry and stopped by McDonalds for a quick lunch. Then I went again the next week and again 2 weeks later. I have put on more weight in the past month. It really is addictive (the fat and the convenience both) and it's really a wake up call as to just how bad that stuff is for me. Saying that it's just once a week is not something I can do anymore. Report
When was growing up, the closest McDonald's was 25 miles away and it was a rare and special treat. The burger was the tiny burger that they have now and the fries were the child fries. That was all that was available back then and I would guess that we went there maybe once a year. Now there is a McDonald's everywhere and the portions are huge. Thankfully most fast food joints are making at least a little bit of effort to offer healthy choices, which I think is a good trend since there will always be people who will eat at those places. Report
I worked at McDonald's in high school 84-86. I remember when the 32 oz drink came out. We thought it was huge. What is now considered a small drink used to be the medium size. What is now a child's size drink used to be an adult small. The supersize fry did not even exist. Buffet restaurants are everywhere now. When I was younger we had one buffet restaurant in town. It was considered upscale. You dressed up to go there and it was a special occasion place. Now people hit the buffet restaurants at least once a week after church. Food has definitely taken over our lives. The one area that amazes me that people actually eat the stuff is when you go to a fair or festival. The food trucks each year come up with some new fried/sugary item each year that doesn't even look good yet people just chow down on it. Report
This is a good article. It have one point that I don't agree with! Weight Watchers is the only "diet" plan that is actually healthy and sustainable. They are NOT a "quick fix" as you stated in the article! The only problem with the program is the price. They are the same nutritionally as what SparkPeople advocates! Report
If someone wasn't paying attention, they should now! What a mess we have become. Thank you Spark people! Report
We have to eat real food and smaller portions Report
We need this article for alot of the kids today. Report
Having been born in 1950 my weight has gone up a lot and seeing some of the reasons makes me thankful for the last entry - Sparkpeople. Your program has brought focus and beneficial life style changes into my life. Thank you for being the port in the storm. God Bless. Report

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