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How to Overcome Any Excuse Not to Exercise


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Thank you! Report
# 6 is exactly why we got a treadmill. Report
Thanks Report
Let the fun begin! Report
Yes, I think for me, it's the cold dark night when i can work out and i don't like that. I didn't mind it before, gotta keep that fight mode on. Report
These are all great answers to overcome the obvious excuses.

I love taking my gym back to work and changing at work before I leave for the day. A) gets me in the correct mindset for going to the gym and B) shows coworkers that it really can be done.

I had a discussion with a lady who said that she is so busy taking her children here and there for soccer, ballet, etc, that she didn't have any time to work out. When I asked her what she did while her children were at these practices she informed me that she sat and watched. I asked her why? It wasn't that she wasn't being supportive if she didn't watch practice and additionally, her children probably didn't even pay attention to her on the sideline. She has now started walking while her son is at practice and she took up an adult dance class while her daughter is at ballet. WTG for her! Report
If I can just force myself to get on the treadmill, the minutes go fast and the workout is over before I know it. I may even feel like adding a few minutes. Just begin! Report
Awesome Report
Honestly, what I have found that works...and you're not gonna like it but...just get up and do it. I know it won't work for everyone and they say you shouldn't do it if you have to force yourself but I would not be 26 lbs lighter if I didn't force myself. 9 out of 10 times I DO NOT want to work out. I actually hate exercise but my desire to be healthier, thinner & wear nicer clothes, and have a healthy pregnancy when I decide to have a baby trumps my hate for exercise. Plus I feel so good & accomplished when I finish! Report
Most of the suggestions are doable, but I am not going to walk around my neighborhood in my nightgown! Lol Report
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I walk my two girls (dogs) twice a day, every day. One of them doesn't care about the weather and she wants to RUN. The other one LOVES to sniff and doesn't like to get wet. So, between the two, I get my 30 minutes in every day.
And they are MUCH happier as a result. My husband even joins me many times. So, it's family time. Report
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Success is a state of mind.
If you want success,
start thinking of yourself as a success.
- Joyce Brothers Report
Thanks I need to have no excuses Report

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